One Room Challenge Week Two: Finding Plates for a Plate Wall

I wish I had more to share this week for the One Room Challenge, but we’re in a bit of a holding pattern with the kitchen and breakfast area, so all I have to share is how I’ve been finding plates for the plate wall.

Here’s our project status: the cabinets are painted and now we’re waiting on the tile floors to be ripped up so the new flooring can go in. Until that’s done, we aren’t even going down to the house because there’s nowhere for us to stay, literally everything is packed up in the attic (or our guest room or our storage unit). 

So, that means, I wait. I can’t tackle any of my projects until the floors are in and, to be honest, I’m having some anxiety over seeing the paint. I know the cabinets look good, but I’m concerned the White Dove walls may clash with the existing white ceiling (we left the ceiling and trim in tact since they were in good shape). Add it to the list of things I won’t know until I get down there!

Until then, I’m doing what I can and, right now, that’s collecting the blue and white plates for the plate wall that will go opposite the kitchen and adjacent to the dining table

Finding Blue and White Plates for a Plate Wall

When I graduated college, I inherited my late grandmother’s blue and white Windsorware dishes. I used those for several years before deciding I wanted my own adult dishware (read: all white). Now, I’m coming full circle. I’m using those vintage dishes again, I’m collecting others to create a full set, and I plan on decorating the wall in the breakfast area with blue and white plates.

I could go get expensive, beautiful china, but that’s not the route I’m going to take. Instead, I’m scouring antique malls, thrift shops, estate sales, and yard sales for one-off dishes. It’s a slower process, but I’m not spending more than $1-$4 a plate. I grabbed plate hangers off Amazon and, while I’ve never hung plates before, it seems super straightforward. Much like my gallery wall here in DC, this will be a continuously evolving project as I find additional plates. But, for those who are looking for a more instant option, there’s good news! I found lots of blue and white plates on Etsy that I’ll link below.

Tip: I plan on using melamine dishware for when we dine outside, and I found this set that looks so timeless.

where to buy blue and white plates

What’s In Store Next Week for One Room Challenge?

I think I’m still a couple weeks off from major changes, so we’ll see what I can share next week. Perhaps the lighting plan? Maybe hardware selections? Stay tuned to see where the project takes me.


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