Mexico City Travel Guide: Where to Eat in Mexico City

First, a quick disclaimer, I wasn’t great about taking out my camera in Mexico City, and initially had planned on doing a full travel guide rather than a post solely on “Where to Eat in Mexico City.” But, as I mentioned after our two-week trip through Mexico, I knew it could be a while before I could gather my thoughts and write extensive travel guide blog posts, so I decided splitting it into bite size chunks like this could be more realistic. So, don’t hold it against me that these aren’t beautifully coordinated photos and, yes, I know, there are more than a few where I dug in before I stopped to grab a full meal photo.

Now, onto the post.

We traveled throughout Mexico with Adam’s parents and their friends, two of whom are Mexican citizens. Most of those in our group had been to Mexico many times before, so the itinerary was set for us for the most part and these restaurants are 90% a reflection of their choices — which were excellent. However, Adam and I do hope to go back in the next couple of years and experience more of the cheap eats and under-the-radar spots.

One thing to know about eating in Mexico City: the peso to dollar conversion is in your favor. You’ll eat incredible, multi-course meals with alcohol and dessert and rarely, if ever, pay more than $100 USD a person.

Where to Eat in Mexico City

Azul Condesa

This vibrant spot was the first stop as soon as we arrived in Mexico City and it also came highly recommended from multiple friends. There are three locations throughout the city and we went to the one in La Condesa. I got the mole negro, which was delicious, and we also tried the guacamole with chapulines (grasshoppers!) and the seasonal chiles en nogada.

where to eat in mexico city - azul condesa - where to eat in cdmx

where to eat in mexico city - azul condesa - where to eat in cdmx


Gabriela Cámara is one of the most renowned chefs in Mexico and her restaurant, Contramar, is one you’ll hear about again and again. If you love seafood, it’s definitely worth checking out. Make a reservation well ahead of time and come hungry for ceviche.

You can recreate Gabriela Cámara’s recipes at home with her My Mexico City Kitchen cookbook.

where to eat in mexico city - contramar - where to eat in cdmx

San Angel Inn

For a romantic, luxurious meal, San Angel Inn is a lush oasis with the most delicious food. The hacienda itself dates back to 1777. In 1908, it began operating as a hotel, and its history as a restaurant began in 1963. I’m still dreaming about their poblano soup, the margaritas, the tacos, and the ambiance that felt like a hideaway in the middle of the city.

where to eat in mexico city - san angel inn - where to eat in cdmx

where to eat in mexico city - san angel inn - where to eat in cdmx

Blanco Colima

While we didn’t eat at Blanco Colima, we did grab drinks here late one evening. Just steps from our Airbnb, we walked past here every day and had been intrigued by this old mansion turned chic restaurant. The vibe was everything we’d hoped it might be, with gorgeous monochromatic white molding, modern lights, and a formal but minimalist aesthetic. We ordered the Frezcal and the Mezcalito Tropical on the bartender’s suggestion, both of which I’d recommend.

where to eat in mexico city - blanco colima - where to eat in cdmx


This darling spot was a thirty second walk from our Airbnb, so you better believe we popped in almost every morning for pastries, the dulce de leche being my personal favorite. I loved its twinkly atmosphere at night, but, unfortunately, we never had room in the itinerary to pop in (next time!).

where to eat in mexico city - delirio - where to eat in cdmx

where to eat in mexico city - delirio - where to eat in cdmx

 Restaurante Mallorca Reforma CDMX

Adam and our brother-in-law stopped here for breakfast one day and my sister-in-law and I joined them to help finish off the breakfast pastries and order a coffee. It’s a cute corner cafe with a mouth watering array of sweets to choose from.


This came recommended from several friends and it is a low-key spot to grab a drink and take in the sights and sounds of the city. I ordered the the namesake Gin Gin cocktail because, of course.

Il Becco

This is a sophisticated splurge restaurant with the most beautiful interior and exterior, truffles on absolutely everything, and incredibly gorgeous presentation. While it’s not classic Mexican food, it could be worth a visit for a fabulous meal out.

where to eat in mexico city - il becco - where to eat in cdmx

where to eat in mexico city - il becco - where to eat in cdmx

La Casa de Toño

I’m going to end on a casual note. This pozole place wasn’t my favorite because I don’t like pozole, which is a pork and hominy stew, but the rest of our group devoured it. La Casa de Toño is a casual chain that’s sprinkled all over Mexico City and it’s a great for a quick, cheap eat.

where to eat in mexico city - la casa de tono - where to eat in cdmx

Like I mentioned before, we were mostly following the itinerary set by our family friends, who have excellent taste in food, but we do want to go back and explore on our own someday. So, let me know if you have Mexico City recommendations, send them my way!


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