November To-Do List: Settling Into a Cozy Season

Here we are, November! And I’m on Month Two of my monthly to-do list series. I’m hoping this sticks more than my monthly digests did — those were too much work during a particularly busy season of life. My thought process with these is that they lend intentionality to each month and, by setting aside some time to reflect on the season right at the start of the month, I’m less likely to let the month slip by.

So, how’d I do on October? Well, I didn’t have a chance to get by a fire pit (I’ll try again this month!) and I didn’t make any soup (let’s blame the warm weather), but, otherwise, it was check, check, and check. I feel like I actually did take the time to embrace the season.

What’s On My November To-Do List

It’s going to be a busy month between freelance work and getting Rosehill Cottage ready (stay tuned for big news there!) and I imagine we’ll spend much of the month running between DC and the river. However, I still want to make time for settling into the cozy season, baking, and spending time with friends.

I already have one of the items on this list on the books: a day out in Virginia antiquing. I’m headed to Luckett’s next weekend with a friend and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for one of those perfect crisp fall days when the leaves are changing and the car windows are down.

I’ll also be in Texas later this month for our annual Thanksgiving trip. For those who are new around here, we spend every Thanksgiving with Adam’s family. I love going to Austin and heading out to the ranch, but we’re always there for about a week during this short month, so I’ll have to try to knock out a few of these to-do list items while I’m there.

Now, here’s my November To-Do List to get in the seasonal spirit, and I’d love if you shared yours! What’s brining you cozy fall vibes this month?

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