One Room Challenge Week Three: Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

The kitchen cabinets have been painted and it’s time to talk choosing kitchen cabinet hardware! But first, an update. While we haven’t been down to the river for a few weeks now, big changes have been happening. The floors are being ripped up as we speak and luxury vinyl plank is going in starting this afternoon. And, our contractor moved the peninsula to sit against the wall (it fit perfectly), so now we have a more open layout and can bring in a table-style island. Side note: the contractor we thought could reattach our counter is too busy, so…back to the drawing board on that.

I need to get down there to take some measurements on the windows so I can order blinds and figure out the front door situation (it opens up into the kitchen and I’d like to replace it to let more light in), but, until I can do that, I’m taking care of the easy things. One of those being kitchen cabinet hardware.

Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

This is the most low stakes, low investment update and it makes such a difference. I blogged about doing it in our condo! The existing hardware was a little country cottage so I knew immediately it had to go. We have pulls on both the upper and lower cabinets and we do not want to take on the project of filling those holes, so we’re going to stick with pulls (I prefer a knob on a door, but oh well).

While the existing sink faucet is black, I do not plan on pulling black into the rest of the room — we have enough black at the condo. Instead, I’m thinking brass to tie in the light fixture I plan on choosing for the kitchen.

Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware - replacing old kitchen cabinet hardware

The Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Options

Here’s what I’m looking at so far. I’m going to do a multi-pack from Amazon rather than splurging on something nicer. At this point, it makes more sense to pay $35 for 10 pulls than $16 for 1 (I will justify that only if outfitting a piece of furniture where hardware makes a big impact and you need a lot less). Plus, these options are all totally sufficient. The hardware isn’t the star here.

These are what I’ve found so far and the image is clickable/shoppable if you want more details. I know where I’m leaning, but I’m eager to hear your thoughts!


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  1. October 14, 2021 / 10:14 am

    I have hardware similar to option #2 in my laundry room and I love the look! I actually tried out option #1 as well and didn’t end up liking it as much as I thought I would. I’m sure whatever you pick will look great!

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