Musely Review: The Night Cream and The Neck Cream

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I’ve been on the retinol train for years, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve let my refill slip by. I’ll call my dermatologist (who I love!), desperately hoping to have them call in a tube, but, alas, the receptionists (who I don’t love so much) will insist I have to book an in-person appointment which is, inevitably, a month out.

Meet Musely: Prescription Skincare

That’s why I was pumped to try Musely, an online solution for prescription skincare. Musely makes prescription skincare accessible for everyone and, for those like me whose annual derm appointments are (rightfully) centered more on medical concerns rather than cosmetic, it provides a way to get those cosmetic concerns ironed out with a professional — without taking away from more critical concerns during your annual skin check.

Their product line is small, which makes sense because they’re focused on the most common cosmetic skincare concerns, but, within those products, there is the ability to tailor each product specifically to the patient. You book a virtual derm appointment, answer questions about your concerns, your past experience with prescription skincare, and they decide on a treatment plan that’s right for you.

musely review - musely night cream review - musely neck cream review

Musely Review: The Night Cream

The first product I tried was the Anti-Aging Night Cream, which is a prescription retinol. Compared to the retinol I usually get from my dermatologist, this is actually a stronger formula (I was prescribed the ‘Veteran’ level). My usual is 0.05% tretinoin, compared to the 0.1% of this cream. Additionally, this has hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to help plump wrinkles and fade sun damage.

I’ve been using this since early October now and it’s the type of change that isn’t necessarily drastic overnight. It’s not like one of those incredible masks you put on before you go to bed and wake up feeling like a new woman. Instead, it’s more of a gradual improvement. It’s the type of thing where, just when I was wondering if it had been effective, I stopped for a minute and thought about it — I haven’t had a single breakout in the last several months, which is impressive given the amount of stress I’ve been under (tretinoin is often used to fight breakouts), and I’ve gone totally makeup free* many days recently without a second thought. That’s even more impressive given that, while I am totally on board with an intentional (read: natural looking) dose of preventative Botox, I haven’t had time for it in 8 months (it is supposed to last 3-4).

This cream was working so well that I didn’t even notice — and isn’t that kind of the point?

*When I say makeup free, I mean makeup free — no blush, no brows, no mascara. In the photo above, I have eyeliner, mascara, brows, and blush, which I applied in the course of another busy day working on the cottage, but not face makeup.

musely review - musely night cream review - musely neck cream review

Musely Review: The Neck Cream

I’ll be honest,  I’ve been using this religiously since October and I’m a little less sold on whether the Dark Spot and Anti-Aging Neck Cream did anything. Even looking at the testimonial photos on their website, I’m not sure there’s a difference. This has the same actives as the Night Cream — tretinoin, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide — so I know it’s good for my skin, but perhaps it’s just not enough. I’d be more likely to just put my extra night cream on my neck rather than buy a specific product.

Final Verdict: Would I Recommend Musely?

I’ll give this a resounding yes! Should you still see your dermatologist annually? YES. No question.

But, when it comes to cosmetic concerns, this can be an affordable, accessible option, particularly if you, like me, always forget to bring those up at your derm appointments.

I’ll absolutely order from Musely again for the Anti-Aging Night Cream and that’s the best endorsement I can offer (kind of like I’ve ordered the serums and glycolic night cream from Maelove repeatedly since working with them on a sponsored post!).

musely review - musely night cream review - musely neck cream review

Thank you to Musely for gifting these two products! It coincided perfectly with the exact situation I described at the beginning of this post and I may not look back!




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