A Look Back: Where I Traveled Near and Far in 2021

For someone who loves to travel, looking at my 2021 travel list is a bit underwhelming. We did have an incredible two weeks in Mexico and I keep reminding myself (and Adam) of that each time we say we barely traveled in 2021.

But, overall, it was a quieter year than years past, and, to be honest, the second half of this year was a blur due to the number of trips we took between here and Locust Hill. There were weekends, weekdays, and even trips down and back after work simply to drop off a check to a contractor. No trip after July was without a fair amount of, “I should be at the river working on the cottage” stress ringing in the back of my head. We even cancelled our anniversary trip to Savannah and a long-awaited reservation at The Grey when the reality of our first Airbnb guest arriving the next week — and the number of unfinished projects staring us down — set in.

So, perhaps what I’m really hoping for in 2022 is some normalcy and presence in my travel — having the time to enjoy my trips rather than simply speed through them to get back to DIY projects and decorating.

The Full (Maybe?) List of Where I Traveled in 2021

Is this list exhaustive? I have no idea. But it covers what I have on record in my planner.

January: New Kent County, VA

February: Frederick, MD

March: Afton, VA | Charlottesville, VA | Westfield, NJ

April: Rehoboth Beach, DE

May: Wilmington, DE | New Castle, DE | Martha’s Vineyard, MA | New Orleans, LA | Richmond, VA

June: Montclair, NJ | Virginia Beach, VA

July: Austin, TX | Mexico City

August: Oaxaca, MX | San Cristobal de las Casas, MX

September: Sycaluga, AL

October: Dutchess County, NY | Lexington, KY | Nashville, TN

November: Austin, TX | Lampasas, TX

December: Richmond, VA

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2021 Travel Guides on the Blog

A lot of my 2021 trips didn’t make it to the blog and I still have so many posts to write about Mexico — and I promise I will now that life is slowing down again. However, I did write nine travel posts this year. Here’s what made it into writing.

Mexico City Travel Guide: Where to Eat in CDMX

Fall in Dutchess County Travel Guide: A Hudson Valley Weekend Trip

6 Classic New Orleans Restaurant Recommendations

New England Travel Guide: A Spring Weekend in Martha’s Vineyard

Travel Photo Diary: An Afternoon in New Castle, DE

Travel Guide: Spring Weekend in Wilmington, DE

Travel Diary: An Early Spring Stay at the Farmhouse at Veritas

Antiquing in Frederick, MD: My Go-to Spots for Great Finds

Quick Getaway from DC: Cumberland Estate in New Kent County, VA

What’s On the Horizon for 2022

We’re easing into 2022 travel with only a few trips planned so far. Miami is first on the agenda this month (this trip snuck up on me!). It’s quick one — just 48 hours. Then, in March, we may have a big trip to Israel, but we’re also fully expecting COVID to throw a wrench in those plans. Beyond that, we don’t have anything on the calendar. But I imagine it won’t stay like that for long, so stay tuned.



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  1. December 29, 2021 / 10:15 am

    It’s so funny you say your travel year was underwhelming- your list is so much larger than mine for 2021! Haha!! 🙂 I am also hoping 2022 will have more trips… I have two weekend trips on the schedule for January, hoping Omicron won’t disrupt that!

    xoxo A

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