Rosehill Cottage Kitchen: Carolina Creekhouse FloorFlat Review

I worked with Carolina Creekhouse during the One Room Challenge and finally have the long-promised FloorFlat review for you!

In our condo in DC, we have a rug in our kitchen. I absolutely love it but, the reality is, a rug requires vacuuming almost daily when it’s underfoot where you’re cooking, and I did not want my guests at Rosehill Cottage to deal with that (tip: you always want a low maintenance space for guests!) . The original solution was to forgo floor coverings altogether, but then I came across Carolina Creekhouse while working on my One Room Challenge and the deal was sealed.

About Vinyl FloorFlats

Carolina Creekhouse makes 2mm thick matte vinyl FloorFlats that are easily washable with mild soap and water. They’re perfect for high-traffic areas or anywhere that’s prone to spills, crumbs, and who knows what else. Coffee grinds and bread crust wipe up easily and I’m not wondering whether there’s lint or fur stuck in rug fibers. They’re typically waterproof, which is perfect for the kitchen — I’m not throwing a fit each time there’s a spill, nervous to get it up before it soaks through to the floor.

The bottom line: vinyl FloorFlats are the easiest option for a kitchen or laundry room. Carolina Creekhouse makes sizes ranging from 2’x3′ to 6.5’x8.2′, and in colors and patterns ranging from geometric to traditional to whimsical. I was torn between several navy and blue options, and ended up with a neutral.

Note: Carolina Creekhouse does not recommend using FloorFlats on top of carpet!

carolina creekhouse review - vinyl floor mat review - floorflat review

Carolina Creekhouse FloorFlat Review

I opted for the Pawley’s FloorFlat, which is a neutral that resembles a sisal weave and I have it in the largest size under our breakfast table, as well as the 2’x5′ runner in our kitchen. I was expecting a more abstract take on sisal, so I was surprised to see it actually resembles a photo image of sisal, but it quickly grew on me. It’s a light taupe color that’s perfectly neutral.

The FloorFlat feels great underfoot — I don’t love a super thick mat (it’s a weird texture thing that grosses me out if I’m standing on thick foam), but this one is thin enough that it lays perfectly flat and, yet, also feels comfortable. We’ve spilled coffee, tomato sauce, and everything in between on it, and I can’t speak to what it’s seem with guests, but I know they’ve all cooked, but it’s safe to say, that a few months in, it still looks good as new.

So, would I recommend the Carolina Creekhouse Pawley’s FloorFlat? Absolutely. I’m actually considering getting the largest size for our kitchen as well — the runner is great but the area rug, well, that’s going to pull the room together.

carolina creekhouse review - vinyl floor mat review - floorflat review

carolina creekhouse review - vinyl floor mat review - floorflat review


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