Inspired by Miami: Cuban Coffee Meets Cafe BomBon

After our trip to Miami, all I’ve wanted is sweet, creamy coffee that tasted like the Cuban Coffees and the CafeBomBon that I’d consumes like water for 48 hours.. I set out to try to recreate Cuban Coffee at home and it was fine, but the game changer was when my friend Jillianne, a native Miamian and the blogger behind Tacos and Takeoffs, reached out with her husband Saùl’s recipe. She recommended I put sugar and a bit of coffee in the mug first and whip it to a frothy consistency, then add the rest. Sure enough, that’s exactly what I needed to get the right amount of cream and froth.

Cuban Coffee Meets Cafe BomBon

This recipe isn’t directly related to a single drink. Instead, I combined two popular Cuban-Spanish style espresso drinks to come up with the most delightful recipe. I use the technique of the Cuban Coffee, but the sweetened condensed milk of the CafeBomBon. The result is perfection. I’ve made this every single morning for the past week and a half with no signs of stopping. It’s easy, creamy, sweet, and tastes just like it came from a coffee shop.

The Tools You’ll Need

While you can make this with any espresso or coffee maker and a whisk, I find it’s smoothest using a Moka Pot and a hand frother. While the Moka Pot isn’t technically espresso, that’s what you’ll often find used in Cuban Coffee. It’s actually an Italian design and, personally, I find it to be the most wonderful morning ritual. It takes a few minutes to brew, but I’d highly recommend.

Note: don’t try to be an off brand Moka Pot. When I accidentally burnt my trust Moka Pot, I bought a cheaper one and it’s a disaster. Constantly spills and leaks. I need to order the real thing ASAP.


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Cuban Coffee Meets Cafe BomBon
A sweet, frothy take on an espresso favorite.
  1. Using a dark roast coffee, set up a Moka Pot to brew a cup of espresso
  2. Scoop two(ish) teaspoons of sweetened condensed milk into a mug. Typically, a taller, skinnier mug works best.
  3. As the water begins to boil, pour a small amount, enough to cover, over the sweetened condensed milk.
  4. Using a hand frother, whip the milk and espresso. Because of the sugar content, it should whip easily, forming a foam.
  5. Pour the rest of the espresso into the mug. Top with regular milk if desired. Sip. Enjoy!

cuban coffee recipe - cafe bombon recipe


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