My Current Obsession: Double Wall Glass Coffee Mug Review

Before I launch into this double wall glass coffee mug review, here’s some level setting: I don’t love a clear glass. If I’m drinking liquid, I prefer an opaque color glass or a cut, designed glass. I don’t want to see all the details of what I’m drinking. It’s weird, I know.

So I never got caught up in the glass coffee mug trend — until now.

Why a Glass Coffee Mug?

Here’s why people love a Double Wall Glass Coffee Mug. When you make a latte, cappuccino, or another espresso drink where you have layers of coffee, crema, and milk, it’s striking to see the cutaway view of that drink. You don’t get that in a regular mug. You know it’s all in there, but each sip is a mystery. A glass coffee mug puts those layers on display, showing off your barista skills.

That mix of dark and creamy striated layers is so appetizing, and also gives you a behind the-scenes look at whether you’re properly dispersing the different parts of your particular drink. Plus, you know that ultra satisfying type of video on Instagram where you watch milk being poured into coffee? Imagine watching that in 360 degrees. Yup, I get the glass coffee mug now.

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double wall coffee mug review

Double Wall Coffee Mug Review

I ordered an inexpensive set of two Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs to try out this trend and, y’all, I’m totally a convert. These mugs are both lightweight and have a solid feel in your hand. I’m not worried about it cracking or breaking, but it still seems delicate. The width of the smooth rim is perfect for a coffee drink, not too think or too thin, and it doesn’t distract from the texture of the drink. Plus, the double wall means it’s never hot or creates condensation.

These 12 oz. mugs are smaller than I anticipated, but they’re the perfect size for someone who prefers a perfectly crafted coffee drink over a never-ending pour. I can get through it without my drink getting cold, yet it’s more satisfying than a small espresso cup.

You can get two of these Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs for around $20. My review? 10/10 recommend.

double wall coffee mug review


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