Spring Showers Have Arrived: My April To Do List

A few days into the month, but it’s time for our April to do list! I accidentally skipped March, but who has time for March, anyway? Though after the approximately 35 solid days of rain we’ve had, we’re probably filling similarly about April…

Checking In On My Goals

The beginning of the second quarter of the year feels like a good opportunity to revisit my goals for the year. Here’s where I currently stand.

  • Daily Routine: I am, in fact, waking up earlier and fitting in the occasional morning workout, though I also want to do more morning walks.
  • Intentional Consumption: Always minimizing is my mantra, so that’s a success. More veggies, check. Less time on social media has been a success for better or worse — sometimes I feel like I’m falling behind because I’m trying not to check Instagram all the time. But c’est la vie.
  • Exploration: We don’t have a trip abroad on the books yet, though I’ve been keeping an eye on flights. We did put an offer on a second vacation home to Airbnb out part time but, unfortunately, the other similar offer waived inspection and all contingencies (which we felt wasn’t wise on a 100-year old home, even if renovated).
  • Career and Work: First the great news: I have a huge win on the getting published front — stay tuned! As far as digging into my day job, it’s been so, so, so busy that we’re just trying to stay above water and I haven’t gotten to explore new creative channels as much as I’d like (but we’re seeing major results, so that’s encouraging!). I’ve been active on Twitter here and there, though not forcing it. I’ve been a little behind on the blogging (majorly behind in March) and traffic isn’t up the way I’d like it to be, but I’ve got lots of ideas coming up so hoping I can turn that around. The newsletter and LTK…they’re happening, but lots of room for growing there, so it’ll be a focus in Q2.
  • Social: I’ve definitely been better about seeing people this year now that we’re actually in town, though I haven’t gotten the opportunity to host the way I’d like. I’m so close to be done with my application for an organization I want to join, so hoping that’s done by late spring.

What’s On My April To Do List

Once this torrential downpour stops, I want to embrace the spring spirit and revisit my word of the year, savor. As I’ve mentioned more than once, this past fall and winter were a blur of busy and, while these to do lists helped, I’m hoping there’s a bit more stillness in spring. More diving into long form recipes, reading in the garden, and strolling through the neighborhood to admire the flowers.

One thing I’m dreading: the seasonal closet switch. Someday, I dream of a home where all my clothes for the entire year fit in my closet and I never have to do the switch. Or, perhaps, I could purge to the point of my clothes fitting in my current closet (but, I do think it’s worth noting that I don’t have a true dresser, just a tall chest for my underwear, pajamas, and workout clothes).

One thing I’m excited for: I’m not a big music festival fan, but I’m so excited for a reunion weekend with my former DC friends at Bear Shadow Festival in the Highlands this month. My friend’s family farm is the venue and we’re all staying there — there’s a level of excitement around being with friends outside at an event in a beautiful place that I feel like we don’t get to savor as much in adulthood.


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