A Professional Announcement: I’m Starting a New Job!

Besides for the occasional goals post, I’m not sure I’ve often touched on the fact I have a day job on here. Surprise: I do! While I do take on freelance writing assignments, I also work full time in marketing, on the creative and content side. And, 2.5 years ago, I took my first job with a tech startup. I’d wanted to try out the startup world for years with little luck — it always seemed you needed an in, or prior startup experience. My break came when a recruiter from my (now old) company reached out on LinkedIn

Throughout the interview process, however, I wavered. I would be leaving a large agency with corporate clients for a startup — was that a foolish decision? Was I going to join a company only to see it fail? 

In the end, the energy of the team and the opportunity to make a big impact quickly won me over. Throughout my tenure at Resonate, I saw incredible growth, learned more than I ever have in any role prior, and had the chance to truly understand what cross-functional teamwork looks like. I realized that the same reasons I love building my own small business are why I’m captivated by the entrepreneurial spirit of a startup environment. It was an awesome experience, and it was bittersweet to move on, but when something new presents itself, sometimes you have to leap. 

What’s Next on the Horizon For Me

Now I’m going to a slightly earlier stage startup with huge opportunities for growth on the content side. I’m so pumped to come into a company with so much enthusiasm and energy around what they’re building, and make an impact quickly. I’ll continue to work remotely, though I’m lucky that several members of the marketing team are in the DC area, and I was able to join the SF-based company’s first ever all-staff off-site this past week in Austin. I love working remotely, but I’ve found meeting your colleagues in person, even if it’s only for a brief moment, is so critical to building a rapport that exists beyond Slack. I’m taking the next week off, but I’ll be ready to hit the ground running on June 6.

I likely still won’t share much about my day job here or on Instagram (though a few of you may have noticed I shared a few stories from Austin!), but definitely connect on Twitter or LinkedIn if you’re in the tech/marketing/startup world!


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