Setting 2022 Goals from the Everyday to the Big Dreams

I inundated y’all at year end with 2021 wrap up posts. I looked back at my 2021 goals and where I landed, I recapped the top blog posts, top selling items, and where I traveled. Then I dropped the ball a bit on sharing my goals for 2022 here on the blog.

How I Set My 2022 Goals

As a reminder, here’s a bit more about how I set goals each year. I don’t have just a few top goals, but rather I look at everything from a holistic standpoint. Often, my goals look similar year-to-year because they’re getting at the way I want to live my day-to-day life, as well as the bigger achievements I want to see.

But, if I had to pick one major goal, it’s that I want to get published in print. That’s the goal every year and it will be until it manifests. Fingers crossed that a few possible irons in the fire pan out.

Related side note: I know I’m not in their age demographic, but one of my favorite podcasts is Everything is Fine. I absolutely love the hosts, Jen Romolini and Kim France, and their most recent episode, Marshmallow Brain, hit home when they were talking about achievements. They were discussing the old adage that no one looks back wishing they’d spend more time working…but debating whether that’s really true, especially if you have aspirations that involve writing or art. Time is finite and it can seem that spending time on anything besides creating or making the most of every moment is giving up something bigger. Deeper thoughts for another day, but worth listening to the first 20 minutes of that podcast episode.

2022 goals

My 2022 Goals

Daily Routine

Wake up earlier: This is my eternal goal. Someday it will happen.

Work out or walk in the morning: I’m hoping putting this action item will help me wake up earlier. Often, it feels like the barrier to getting up earlier is having to shower. If getting up and putting on workout clothes immediately is the goal, it may be lower stakes.

Intentional Consumption

Continue to minimize: This is always a goal. When you live in 850 square feet, it has to be a one in, several out policy.

More veggies: I need to be better about eating more whole foods and plant-based meals — and making sure I have the time to do so. I’ll never be the cook in our relationship, but I do want to prepare more food to have on hand throughout the day.

Less time on social media: I’m officially keeping track of my screen time and limiting endless scrolling. I need to be on there some for my blog and the cottage, but I don’t need to watch everyone’s stories (even if I want them to watch mine).


Travel abroad: We spent two weeks in Mexico last year, which was incredible, and I’d love to get another big trip on the books. We had to make the decision to cancel our Israel trip (again), but perhaps it’ll happen later in the year.

Explore buying a second weekend/Airbnb property: Yes, we’re thinking we may do this again…but on a much smaller scale than the river house and likely west of DC. We’ve gotten so much out of the process and it’s so incredible to hear from guests who are having the best time.

Career & Work

Get published: Still my #1 goal. If y’all know a lifestyle magazine editor, connect us!

Dig into my day job: My day job is demanding, but I also know there’s so much more I could dig into in terms of marketing trends. This year, I want to commit to exploring what’s possible as much as keeping the (very fast moving) train running.

Try out my voice on Twitter: Especially in my day job, this could be critical to growth. There’s a huge marketing and content marketing presence on Twitter and I’ve always just lurked.

Continue my design business: Just continue it, one client at a time, as a fun hobby. No big moves here.

Two blog posts a week: I didn’t quite meet this goal last year, but so far, I accomplished it in January. Two posts a week is 104 a year. Totally doable.

Grow blog traffic by 25%: After massive growth from 2019 to 2020, my 2020 to 2021 numbers were fine. I grew unique users by 20%, sessions by 18%, and page views by 13%. This year, I want to see 25% across the board.

Get a regular cadence for the newsletter: There’s been no rhyme or reason to when I’ve sent this out. I need to do some testing, decide on a day, and stick with it.

Increase my use of LTK: Y’all, I could be doing so much in terms of sharing links and leveraging LTK, and I just haven’t. I’ve basically relied on SEO on old posts, and this year I do want to increase intentional use of LTK. Curious how it works? Learn more in this post.

Add a few big-name home collaborations: I’ve worked with some great brands over the past year, but I’d love to add a few big-name home collaborations to my repertoire. One barrier will be Instagram…I just don’t have it in me to care about growing it and playing the algorithm game. But, hey, you never know!


Be the planner: Last year, I said I wanted to entertain more. I did that a couple times, but this year I want to both commit to having people over more and being the one to initiate plans. I went largely MIA the second half of this past year with everything we had going on, and it’s time to get back out into the world.

Join an organization: Ugh, I didn’t do this, but I’m on track to by spring.

Reach out to friends more often: Again, I was largely MIA much of this past year, so I want to make it a resolution to reach out to friends who don’t live in DC and those who do this year! Perhaps adopt the send a text check-in daily to someone method.

My 2022 Word of the Year: Savor

When I started doing the Monthly To-Do Lists on the blog, part of my intention was to slow down and make sure I was actually experiencing each and every season, rather than just waking up, working, working out, eating dinner, going to bed. Piggybacking off of intentionality, I’ve made my word of the year savor. Savor experiences, savor meals, savor days, savor moments, savor it all.


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