Two Perfect Books for Winter Reading: Hygge and Cozy Minimalism

For everyone who set a 2023 intention to relax more, this is your post. Admittedly, I’m not great at reading books. You 52 in 52 people — I’m looking at you. How do you do it?! Short form reads, I’ve got that covered. Books, however, I just can’t seem to find the time. Perhaps it’s a case of I prefer to consume what I write?

Whatever it is, I’ve been trying to take a 15-minute break midday to relax for a minute, read a book, and get my mind off whatever I’ve been cranking on. For those of us who are on the clock to be creative all day, this feels like a necessary break.

And that brings me to these two reads. I like to think these books are perfect for cozy winter reading, settling into a slow season, and making the most of gray winter days at home.

Two Books for Winter Reading on Hygge and Cozy Minimalism

First up, is The Little Book of Hygge. Hygge, which is the Danish word for cozy, candlelit, snuggly living (that’s a technical definition), had its cultural moment a few years ago. But it seems to have reentered the conversation this year. This book is a well-researched yet light read that breaks down all the components of how you hygge-fy your home (another technical definition). It’s the loveliest little book, and I wasn’t surprised at all when, after I posted it last week, how many of you DM’d me about how much you love it.

The second book is Cozy Minimalist Home, which was recommended to me by a colleague. I just checked it out from the library, so I have yet to get into it, but you can bet I’ll update this post with a full review later. I’m a little thrown off by the fact it’s under religion and spirituality on Amazon, but it doesn’t appear that way from anything I can find — except that the author is a favorite of Christianity Today…again, stay tuned!

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