Birdies Starling Basketweave Review: 7 Layers of Comfort

It’s been a few years — three to be exact — since my last Birdies post, and now I’m back with the Birdies Starling Basketweave review, and, before I kick things off, here’s your promo code for 10% off your first pair: HMBIEN10.

Last time, I reviewed the Birdies Starling in velvet, which were my first pair of Birdies. I’ve worn the velvet pair all fall and winter since 2020 and I recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a super pair of flats for hanging out around the house or dressing up for a comfortable evening out.

Okay, here’s the behind-the-scenes scoop: I’ve reached out to Birdies a million times over the past three years. I’ve shown them how many pairs I’ve sold through my blog and begged them to work with me. I’ve seen them work with influencers who’d never even mentioned Birdies before they started doing sponcon. Meanwhile, I’m singing their praises simply because I love their shoes.

Then, finally, this winter, they replied to one of my emails  — and I’m thrilled to share their resort line with you. Birdies sent me two pairs of their new basketweave shoes for Resort 2023, and, yes, they’re just as good as my first pair. So let’s discuss in the Birdies Starling Basketweave review.

Birdies Starling Basketweave Review

Birdies boast that they have a smoking slipper silhouette and that’s perhaps why I love them so much. They don’t feel like they have a short, stout toe — instead their shape is elongated and flattering. They have a slight menswear vibe, especially when done in this cognac and black basketweave, and it seems to fit in perfectly with all of the 80s and 90s vibes that we’re all feeling right now. I like to think I look like I stepped out of a 1989 rom com, like maybe I’m hanging out with Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally, and I’m totally here for it (okay, I guessed on 1989, but just fact checked myself — y’all, I’m good).

But, looks aside, these shoes are so, so comfortable. The Starling is Birdies’ classic shoe, and this pair has its iconic 7-layer footbed. I’m not sure what that means, but I can confirm that “cloud-like comfort” (their words) is an accurate statement.

Plus, they have a no-slip rubber sole, and this is where I think they differ from the velvet pair a bit. In theory, they have the same sole. But the basketweave doesn’t feel like a house shoe to me — the velvet does. I wear the velvet outside, yes, but the basketweave feels a little bit sturdier. And that’s a good thing. My theory is it’s not the actual construction, but rather I’m nervous about getting the velvet dirty, whereas the basketweave, which is made of vegan leather, feels easy-to-clean. Either way, these are going to become a staple in my wardrobe inside and outside and I’d 10/10 recommend.

Outfit details: Birdies Starling Basketweave / Frank & Eileen Relaxed Button Up Shirt / J. Crew White Jeans / Teleties Clip / Diff Sunglasses / Similar Braided Belt

birdies starling basketweave review - birdies promo code

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birdies starling basketweave review - birdies promo code

birdies starling basketweave review - birdies promo code

birdies starling basketweave review - birdies promo code

birdies starling basketweave review - birdies promo code


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