February To Do List: Pull out the Stops for Winter Celebrations

I love making this February To Do List every year for two reasons. First, I think February gets a bad rap sometimes. People think of it as that final stretch before spring begins to pop through the cold winter’s ground — and I like to think of it as a season to be savored. Which brings us to reason two.

February has a lot of redeeming qualities. There’s the Super Bowl. There’s Valentine’s Day. There’s Mardi Gras. There’s the long Presidents Day weekend. Seriously, there’s something to celebrate every few days in this short, cold month. What could possibly be better than that? Plus, there’s still that new year energy!

This Year’s February To Do List

My 2023 February To Do List has a few overlaps with last year, but I also tried to keep it fresh. For example, I’ve been trying to cook vegetarian more often (no, I’m not totally diving back into my 6-year teenage Morningstar phase), so I want to try out a vegetarian Super Bowl recipe. I neglected to buy myself my annual December piece of future heirloom jewelry, so I’m going to do that this month — fitting for Valentine’s Day, right? And, I need to start my gardening early this year, so while we’ll (hopefully) still have another month or so of frost left, those plans need to be set and ready to go.

Then, there are the standards on my February To Do List. The snail mail Valentine’s (I swear, this year I’ll do it!), the baking, the king cakes, winter hikes and the at home cozy date nights. All the reasons I’m campaigning for February to earn its place as one of the best months of the year.

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