February To Do List: Embracing the Valentine’s Day Spirit

Here’s a secret about me: I LOVE Valentine’s Day. So I was all in on treats and Valentine-related items for this February To Do List. Hey, I’ve even written Valentine-themed content for multiple websites, including Apartment Therapy and The Everygirl.

How Did I Do On My January To Do List?

I knocked quite a bit off my January To Do List, but fell short on three: ice skating, planning a skip trip, and hosting a game night. All three are easy items to push to this month, so that’s exactly what I’ll do. Anyone have any suggestions for close-to-DC ski trips? OR I could try to tack it onto my Presidents’ Day trip out in northwestern Pennsylvania.

February To Do List

This one should be an easy list to get through. I’ll point out that several of these items come back to one of my overall 2022 goals, which is reaching out to people and getting friends together more often. Between the pandemic and the frantic pace of life I had in 2021, that’s something that fell off the radar and I miss it so much. So, here’s to nurturing our relationships this February — not just the romantic ones that we typically associate with Valentine’s Day.


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