March To Do List: Tending to the Garden and Welcoming Spring

My March to do list is likely going to evolve as I watch the weather forecast. The past few days had us in a fake spring, but below freezing lows for the next week or so are roaring back in like, well, a lion. You’ll find no complaints from me regarding the comeback of cold temperatures (exhibit A), but it does drastically impact the springtime activities, and whether or not we’re hanging out indoors for the few weeks or staying cozy with our candles and blankets.

This Year’s March To Do List

Reading my March to do list, it’s clear I thought spring was sticking around. I planted larkspur seeds at the cottage last week, put hostas in the ground — things were moving. And now I’m wondering if all of that is going to meet a chilly demise. At least I hadn’t started the herb garden?

I also realized after writing this that cooking an Irish dinner will have to fall before or after St. Patrick’s Day because we’ll actually be in New Orleans that weekend, a trip I’m so excited about. It’s been a couple of years and I can’t wait to indulge in everything. I’m craving the Bayona Garlic Soup in particular. And, in terms of planning another spring getaway, we already have most of our April weekends accounted for between traveling to see family for Passover, a nephew’s baptism, and a weekend in DC with several celebrations for friends. But, we did sneak in one trip to the coast in North Carolina that I can’t wait to share more about.

Lastly, that bedroom refresh I dropped in at the end might be happening this weekend. Originally, we were planning on going down to the cottage Thursday to Saturday because it was open and I thought it was unlikely it would get booked for an awkward two days with half a weekend. Then, sure enough, last night a booking came in (and, two minutes later, another booking for later in the month — it’s been a flurry over the past 24 hours, which is awesome!). So, my plans for projects at the cottage are on hold, though we will get down there for a few hours between bookings to oversee a small project with the kitchen and to stain a picnic table. But that means the bedroom is on the docket for this Saturday. Stay tuned.

Background photo from our trip to Ireland in March 2018. Find my travel guides here.


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