Wicker Round Up: The Best Ladylike Wicker Bags for Summer

I made it my mission to track down the best of the best ladylike wicker bags last summer, when I realized I needed a good everyday summer bag that I could pick up when I didn’t need a full tote (because, of course, my typical daily look throughout spring and summer is my L.L. Bean Boat and Tote).  I wanted a bag I could bring to lunch or even take out to dinner, that didn’t feel too precious, but that felt both structured and feminine.

The One I Bought: Poppy and Sage Wicker Bag

I thought, for sure, that I wanted a leather and wicker bag — and I still do — yet I ended up springing for an all wicker top-handle bag when I stopped into my favorite shop at the river, Low Tide, when I was there during my birthday week. A birthday is all it takes to justify an impulsive purchase, right?

Mine is the Poppy + Sage wicker bag and, by some miracle, it’s on sale for $69 on QVC (that’s still a thing?!). Definitely pop over and get it. It is open inside with one card slot, but it’s plenty of room for a phone, wallet, and any other small items you may have with me. It’s little, but because of its simplicity, it holds a lot. Plus, it’s sturdy. I’ve thrown it everywhere and, so far, it looks as good as new, even with constant use over the last couple of months.

I get compliments on it everywhere I go, and the little details, like the swirled wicker around the clasp, are absolutely charming. It’s a no-brainer on sale.

But if you’re here for more options, read on…

best ladylike wicker bags - best structured wicker bags

Photo by Stephanie of Magnolia Stripes, outside the darling Lowery’s Dial in Old Town, Alexandria

The Best Ladylike Wicker Bags

Here are the best ladylike wicker bags that I’ve found on the internet. Each is structured, tailored, and neutral, perfect for using every day. There’s everything from the Poppy + Sage wicker bag that I personally use to the Mark and Graham wicker and leather bag I’ve been lusting after for a few years, though the Abigail Wicker Top-Handle Bag from Serpui might my new favorite. There’s an under $30 steal from Amazon, as well as the sweetest scallop bag from Maisonette that I probably need at only $55. T.J. Maxx came in with an absolute classic style, while Modern Picnic’s wicker bag feels perfectly updated yet timeless. And, of course, if you need a clutch for a more formal occasion, there’s one of those, too.


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