Where to Buy Vintage and White Label Lilly Pulitzer for a Song

Here’s where I buy vintage and white label Lilly Pulitzer, plus, how I score my best deals.

A few weeks ago, I snagged a darling vintage Lilly Pulitzer shift for a song ($25!). It’s in one of those timeless patchwork prints in perfect shades of pink and blue, and it’s the classic shift silhouette. Straight, boxy, bows on the bottom. I love it. It’s the perfect pool or errands dress, yet it can be dressed up.

But posting the photo of it invited dozens of comments and questions, which all fell into one of two categories. Let’s dive in.

What Counts as Vintage Lilly Pulitzer?

This was the first question I received over and over, from those of us who are old enough to have Lilly from our high school days that feels practically vintage. I worked in a Lilly store in college (The Pink Palm in Charlottesville, for those that know it), so I also have a ton from those days.

The official definition of vintage — official according to, you know, the internet — is clothing older than 20 years. However, when it comes to Lilly Pulitzer, there’s another distinction: white label. There have been several iterations of labels throughout the years, but the white label appears on items before 2006. Go way back and you’ll find The Lilly on the label. White labels seem to have a cult following in those who love the classic prints, and they can often be found for incredibly affordable prices simply because a lot of people don’t love secondhand.

Where Do You Buy Vintage or White Label Lilly Pulitzer?

The next question I received over and over was where I bought the dress. Facebook. But I also have a few more resources I turn to again and again.

Facebook Groups

Okay, first let’s address the Facebook dress. I snagged mine in a Facebook group for white label fans. I can’t recall how I came across it, and it’s a bizarre corner of the internet with lots of Florida women posting selfies in their finds (it’s kind of endearing?), but there are fabulous finds and great prices.

Secondhand Shops

Of course, secondhand shops are always the first stop, and know the area where you’re looking. I know when I’m in Richmond or at the river, I’ll find lots of vintage Lilly in secondhand stores. However, always keep your eyes peel. I once found a white label Lilly top in a nautical patchwork for $8 secondhand in the mountains in Virginia.

Antique Stores

I have one truly old Lilly find, which I’m wearing below. This is from when Lilly Pulitzer was “The Lilly,” in the 60s and 70s. I actually found this new with tags in an antique shop near Solomon’s Island, MD. They actually had several pieces, but this was the one that grabbed my eye. It had to be significantly hemmed and taken in a bit (though I left it caftan-like), but it’s perfect. The colors are vibrant and the condition is perfect.


I have a few vintage Lilly finds from Ebay that I got for practically nothing. There’s the iconic beach skirt that I bought for, wait for it, $5. Simply because of how much is available on Ebay, the prices seem to be lower. Sure, there are some expensive pieces sprinkled in, but you can typically make offers and drive prices down.


You’ll typically find newer Lilly items on Poshmark but, every once in a while, there are vintage finds on there. Prices typically will start higher here, but you’ll almost always get an offer shortly after liking an item. That starts the conversation, and you can bid down from there.


If you’re willing to pay a premium, then there are always great vintage finds on Etsy. They typically come from professional vintage sellers, so they’re in better condition but also listed at higher prices.

Who else is a big fan of vintage Lilly? What’s your best find? Your favorite white label print?

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