Let’s Not Wish Away Summer Yet (Plus, the Best $5 Pool Float)

First things first, put down the pumpkin spice latte. Your chunky sweater needs to go back in the drawer. No, your throw blankets don’t need to come out of storage yet.

Look, y’all, summer is not over yet. And some people out there are acting like we should forget the whole unofficial end of summer at Labor Day and move right on to spooky season.

But I am not here for that.

One of the things I set out to do when I started writing my (sometimes) monthly to-do lists was to savor each season. I wanted to feel present in each month, rather than trying to run ahead to the next thing. We’re always so eager to start buying clothes for the next month, decorating for the next holiday, and planning for all the incredible seasonal activities were going to do, so much so that when those actually roll around, we’re then already moving on to the next one after that.

Think about everything you’ll miss if you neglect to make the most of this last week of summer. Pool days. Sipping bubbly drinks al fresco. Ice cream when it tastes of golden hour summer evenings. Picnics.

I’m not a summer person but the reality is some of these things are better when there’s the carefree attitude that’s inherent to June-July-August. As soon as September rolls around, it’s fresh starts and crisp notebooks. It’s goals and productivity. Why do we want to rush that? Its time will come — in less than two weeks, in fact.

So this weekend, skip the PSL. Sip one last refreshing iced tea. Take a dip in the closest body of water, and try not to wish the current season away so fast.

Plus, the Best $5 Pool Float I’ve Found

While we’re talking about pools and sweet summertime, let’s chat for a second about my absolute favorite $5 pool floats from Target. We have a blue and white theme at our pool at Rosehill Cottage, so, of course, I wanted the pool floats to match.

I picked up these darling striped floats last year, and they’ve far outlasted their cost per float. We’ve had very few pop — the two originals from last summer met their demise a few weeks into this summer, and there’s been one other casualty. But, otherwise, I haven’t had to get into my stash of perhaps a dozen backups now. I have floats for years.

And, seriously, how chic it this simple stripe? The turquoise on the turquoise pool water. Literal perfection.

They also come in yellow and green.

$5 pool float - best budget pool float


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