Black Quip Toothbrush Review: What I Think After Using It for Two Months

For this thrilling review, I was gifted the toothbrush for this black Quip toothbrush review, but I was not required to write a blog post — I just wanted to share my experience! And, as you may or may not know, I’m very into dental health, so this is actually something I was super excited about.

Quip is one of those brands I feel like I’ve heard about forever. They must have done a great early marketing push because their name was everywhere for a long time. But I hadn’t tried it because I just used the Philips Sonicare toothbrush that my dentist recommended years ago.

Earlier this summer, I did a collaboration with Quip on Instagram, and I was excited to try it out. They sent me the Quip Smart Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, which is a slim, sleek brush that only has to be charged every 90 days. It comes with a travel cover, charging cord, and it connects to their Bluetooth app to track your brushing habits. You can order brush refills to arrive on a regular basis.

Here’s what I thought.

Black Quip Toothbrush Review

To be honest, I was a little weirded out at first. The brushes are silicone, which I’ve never encountered before. I was definitely unsure the first time using it, but I’ve come to really like. It’s a soft brush, but, because the bristles are bigger than normal tooth brush bristles, you feel like they’re cleaning more effectively.

The electric vibration is subtle and quiet — so quiet that the first time I used it when Adam was around, he asked, “I thought Quip was an electric tooth brush brand?” But it’s working, and it gently buzzes every 30 seconds to get you through a two-minute brush. You do have to pay attention to make sure you feel it.

I also wanted to specifically talk about the black Quip toothbrush because I felt like I was taking a risk going with black. I knew it would look sleek, but I did worry about whether or not there would be toothpaste residue showing up on it all the time. I, shockingly, have not had an issue with it. I love how it looks, and, because it holds a charge for so long, there’s no dreaded charger and cord out on my bathroom counter (well, besides for Adam’s for his electric toothbrush that is not Quip). This alone is the game changer for me.

The fact it has a built-in travel case and stand is also awesome. This is just a super sleek, user-friendly design that makes sense. Like nothing is annoying about it.

Lastly, be honest, I haven’t used the app or connected via Bluetooth at all, though this is my reminder to. It says you can rewards, which I assume are points to use towards refills or something like that, so might as well use it if it’s there.

Final Verdict on the Black Quip Toothbrush Review: I’d definitely recommend the Quip Smart Rechargeable Toothbrush! I’ll be ordering refills and this is my new toothbrush. I’m all in on Quip.

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