Ina Garten-Inspired Shirt: Frank and Eileen Shirley Button-Up Review

Adding this Frank and Eileen Shirley Button-Up Review to my other Frank and Eileen reviews, including the Frank and Eileen Button-Up, Everyday Jeans, Mary Shirtdress, Carmel Travel Set, and Rory Shirtdress Review.

Frank and Eileen Shirley Button-Up Review

The minute I slipped on this Frank and Eileen Shirley Button-Up, my first thought was, “Amazing, my goal of transforming into Ina Garten is complete.” And, seriously, that’s the look this oversized button-up shirt has. It’s crisp, sophisticated, and casual all at the same time. If you want to talk quiet luxury, house in the Hamptons, this is it.

It’s so simple and such a timeless silhouette, yet it’s so chic. A simple oversized button down that looks like you could have snagged it from your husband’s closet, with just a few feminine tweaks to give it some softness and style. This is your wear-it-around-the-house, but still look pulled together enough to meet friends for dinner style. It’s effortless. But it’s New England coastal effortless more than French girl effortless. It’s “I’d rather be in the garden” effortless.

I’ve been wearing this non-stop over the past week, so much so that I’m sure my clients are starting to notice my daily Zoom call uniform. But I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon — this shirt will take me right from later summer into fall. It’s seasonless and classic.

You can probably already tell I’m going to 100% recommend, but let’s get into it.

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frank and eileen shirley button up review

Frank and Eileen Shirley Button-Up Review FAQ

How does it fit?

I ordered an XS in the Frank and Eileen Shirley Button-Up. I knew it was going to fit oversized and, while I generally order Small in everything Frank and Eileen, I’m glad I went for the XS here. It’s still absolutely oversized, but I’m not swimming in it. 

The Shirley Button-Up is supposed to be a feminine take on an oversized shirt and it does feel like you’ve taken a men’s shirt, but with a few softer details. There’s a curved shirttail hem, softer shoulders, and long sleeves that cuff to the right spot.

What is the fabric?

The Shirley Button-Up is 100% cotton Italian Oxford. It feels like a chic men’s shirt fabric. It irons into a beautiful crisp look, and I found that it didn’t wrinkle easily, yet it’s still soft and comfortable.

How does it wear?

I’ve worn the Shirley Button-Up for work from home days, out and about to run errands, and even on a 6 hour car ride. It’s so incredibly comfy, and it keeps its pulled together, crisp feeling from morning to evening. I felt as sophisticated at the end of the day as I did in the morning.

I machine wash the shirt on cold and hang it to dry, yet you could also tumble dry on low per their directions.

How should you wear it?

To be honest, I’ve mostly worn it around the house with black leggings. But it also looks effortlessly chic with jeans. I’ve even worn it half-tucked into a pair of high-waisted, loose fitting jean shorts. 

Final verdict: This is a crisp, well-made investment piece that is absolutely timeless.

frank & eileen shirley review

frank and eileen shirley button-up review - is frank and eileen worth it

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