Creating a Winter Tablescape + Terra Flame Fire Bowl Review

Despite all the mess with our renovation, I did find a few moments to pull together a winter tablescape as I was working on an a story for The Spruce about Christmas tablescapes. Leave it to me to decide I haven’t found one that fits what I have in mind and to create it myself.

And, while I won’t be hosting dinner parties here anytime soon (I’d love to have the tub out of our living room before I entertain…), I am definitely keeping this in mind for inspiration for next year.

Creating a Collected Winter Tablescape

For this winter tablescape, I wanted a collected, vintage feel, using primarily pieces I’ve sourced secondhand or inherited over the years. I started with a neutral tablecloth from Loom & Table. I love this subtle diamond pattern to add just a little interest without making a statement. Then I added tartan napkins, which I picked up a few years ago, and I use from November through January. I think of them as a winter neutral rather than holiday-specific.

Random brass elements, from a pedestal bowl to candlesticks add a warm, metallic feel, while the wood candlesticks, add a more modern, rustic look. This little quail was my great aunt’s, and I kept coming back to it when we were cleaning out her apartment. He’s an odd little guy, and perfect for occasions like this.

But the centerpiece is what makes this table. The Terra Flame by Solo Stove Stone Fire Bowl Table Top  is an indoor-outdoor firepit, and I love the idea of bringing this out for a dinner party to have fancy s’mores for dessert. Such an unexpected and fun element.

Tablescape Details: Terra Flame by Solo Stove Stone Fire Bowl Table Top | Loom & Table Hemlock Tablecloth | Tartan Napkins | Secondhand and Inherited Decor

Terra Flame Fire Bowl Review - solo stove fire bowl

Terra Flame Fire Bowl Review

Terra Flame by Solo Stove Stone Fire Bowl Table Top bills itself as an indoor-outdoor tabletop fire pit, but I’ll be honest, lighting this at home, by myself, was nerve wracking. The flame is a little bigger than I anticipated, but, I can now confirm, it is, in fact, safe to have in your home, ha.

This stone fire bowl has an indentation in the middle for a gel fuel canister that is lit with the touch of a lighter (make sure to use a long lighter, not a short regular lighter or a match!). It’s so incredibly easy, and the gel burn is smoke-free and odor-free. To put it out, you simply — and carefully — place the lid back on the canister.

We’ve actually used it more outside on our balcony. It’s so pleasant to have this sitting on our little table in the evening while we sit out there. It’s not putting off major heat, but it definitely adds a nice fall ambiance. We may use it indoors more now that we have our living room set up to be liveable, but, with a fireplace, there’s not as much need for it, except that it’s so quick and easy to light. I also love the idea of using this for s’mores, which is something they advertise on their website. As soon as our back patio is set up, I’m imagining fun fall evenings with friends, wine, and dessert.

Terra Flame Fire Bowl Review - solo stove fire bowl

Terra Flame Fire Bowl Review - solo stove fire bowl


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