My 2024 Planner: Day Designer Daily Planner Review

I’ve been reviewing my planners for several years now, and, this year, Day Designer sent me a planner that I’m thrilled to write about: the Day Designer Daily Planner review. 

My paper planners are what journals are to some people. I keep every note, task, and record in there. If I want to know what I was doing on December 6, 2017, I can just crack open my planner. And I’ve tried every planner from the tiny leather bound ones to full-size notebooks. The sweet spot is somewhere in the middle.

I’ve also been through enough planners to know that I need ample room for each day. A small section isn’t going to cut it. I have to write down meetings, calls, and events, while still having room for all of my daily to-dos. Now that I work for myself, space is even more important since this covers both personal and work tasks.

The past several years, I’ve used planners from the Target The Everygirl x Day Designer collection, and they’re great! But I was even more excited to try out one that’s actually from Day Designer. Target collabs are great, but you always know that the real deal is better. I chose the hardcover Daily Planner, which is $68 — more than the $22 at Target — but the quality is absolutely, hands down better. This feels like a well crafted, hardcover notebook. The Target version gets the job done, 100%, but it’s not the same high end feeling.

day designer daily planner review - day designer review - is day designer worth it

Day Designer Daily Planner Review

First, let’s look at the size of the Day Designer Daily Planner. 9″ x 9.75″ which is a good size — small enough to take with me, but not so small I can’t easily write in it. The cover is a linen finish fabric hardcover, and it feels so nice. The prints are fun, but the fabric had the minimalist look I wanted. There’s a pocket at the front, which always come in incredibly handy, as well as stickers, which I don’t use, but I know some people do (I always say I will).

I love that there’s a word of the year on the very first page — still sorting out mine.

The first few pages have worksheets to help align your values, priorities, short-term and long-term goals along with action steps, and pages to try to figure out your ideal daily and weekly schedule. That’s one area I realized I missed terribly when looking back at this past year’s goals, so I’m excited to work on that.

Each month has a basic calendar with notes. Super simple, exactly what you need.

day designer daily planner review - day designer review - is day designer worth it

On each daily page, there is a schedule on the left, breaking out the day by hours. I love that this lets me write in meets and events, errands, and appointments without mixing them in with my tasks. Then, on the left, there’s a list with 17 lines with check boxes. God help me if I ever have more than 17 tasks in a day, so this should have me covered.

Then, at the top of each page, there’s a quote (y’all, I’m not a quote person, but I love an inspirational-productivity quote on a planner), along with a top three items for the day, along with boxes for what’s due, meal planning, etc. There’s also a notes section at the bottom of each page, along with a gratitude box. Seriously, it covers everything.

Is Day Designer Worth It?

I’m so excited to use the Day Designer Daily Planner in 2024 and, at $68, it feels like a reasonable price for a premium planner. The only drawback I found was the cover can be stiff to close, but it actually makes it feel super solid. I love how the pages are laid out in a way that works with how I keep my schedule and organize myself, and I’m thrilled it’s only one day per page, helping me stay super organized. Definitely recommend.

day designer daily planner review - day designer review - is day designer worth it

day designer daily planner review - day designer review - is day designer worth it


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