Is Pricey Loungewear Worth It? My Thoughts on the Coziest Clothing

I, like many of you who also work from home, spend most of my days in comfy clothes. I dress it up with scarves, jewelry, and hair accessories, but, the reality is, I’m in soft pants. Always. Unless I’m leaving the house which, in some strange twist of events, has actually been fairly often in January.

For the past couple years, that’s mostly meant wearing workout leggings every day, but, once I tried on my first pair of non-spandex pants, I realized there’s a coziness factor I’ll just never get with workout gear. Which means my athleisure is now solely athleisure, reserved for workout class and walks, and a new category has entered the conversation: loungewear.

But here’s the thing about atheleisure and loungewear. A $30 pair of workout leggings is not that different from a $100 pair of workout leggings. However, loungewear gets a bit more particular. A $30 pair of sweats is going to pill and have a comfort level that is entirely different than a more expensive brand (at least in my experience!), which leads to the question, is pricey loungewear worth it?

Is Pricey Loungewear Worth It?

This has been the question on my mind this year as I’ve tried out loungewear from brands like Frank & Eileen and Cozy Earth. These brands aren’t cheap. At all. Frank & Eileen’s Aspen Travel Set will run you $398. Cozy Earth’s Bamboo Joggers are $165 and the Bamboo Pullover Crew is $130. And I’ve compared them to the cheap pair of sweatpants I bought from Amazon a few years ago, as well as a pair from J. Crew Factory.

And, I hate to say it, but, yes. Yes, the pricey loungewear is worth it. I’m already trolling Poshmark for more pairs of Cozy Earth’s joggers (I’d love to have an off white or gray pair in addition to the black), and I’ll be swearing by my Frank & Eileen travel set forever.

There’s just something about expensive loungewear that, for lack of a better description, feels expensive. They look chic enough to go out in. I’m not afraid they’re going to get so thin that holes wear in the fabric or wonder whether the pilling has gotten to a point where it’s time to just recycle them.

It’s the answer I didn’t want to give. But, yes, the pricey loungewear is worth it — especially when it becomes your cozy day in, day out uniform.



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