Soferia Sofa Cover: A New Look For Our Secondhand IKEA Sofa

When we redecorated our living room in the condo last year (just in time to buy a new house, ha), one of the top priorities was a new cover for our IKEA Söderhamn sofa. We bought this sofa several years ago off of Facebook Marketplace — with Hampden’s tendency to rip up any sofa she sees, it just doesn’t make sense for us to spend on a sofa.

It’s gotten the job done, but its original gray cover had definitely seen better days and the plan was always to put a slipcover on it. Dark charcoal gray was fine, but it definitely wasn’t what I had in mind for my ideal living room.

After painting the room Benjamin Moore Simply White and finding this incredibly drapery on Facebook Marketplace*, I looked at fabric samples from Soferia, a company that makes covers for IKEA sofas.

I went with a cream velvet that felt versatile and light — I wanted the room to feel airy despite the heavy black drapery and black floors.The contrast felt right.

*Originally, I bought just three panels for our condo of the ten or so that the seller had. We went under contract a month-ish later, and I immediately reached back out to see if she still had the others. By some miracle she did, and I snagged them for our townhouse living room — of, course, they’ve yet to be hung since that room currently has holes in the ceiling and a tub in the window.

My Experience with a Soferia Sofa Cover

I went into this experience with a not-so-great IKEA sofa cover experience. I’d bought a cover a few years prior from Etsy for another sofa, and, just like you’d expect from a slipcover, it never fit quite right. It always seemed like something wasn’t quite connecting right and looked wrinkled all the time. The Soferia cover, however, came in lots of pieces designed to fit snugly.

It took a bit of finagling to figure out which piece went where, but, again, that was because it came in pieces that were so custom fit to the sofa itself. It look as good as the original cover did (maybe better?!). And, in a last minute decision, we decided not to put the arms back on the sofa, giving it a more open look, which I think works better in a small space. We’ve actually kept it like that in the townhouse, and the cover still looks beautiful.

To date, we’ve only spot treated it (the cream color seems to hide stains more than a white!), but I supposed it’d be easy enough to take off and wash on cold/tumble dry low if needed.

Final verdict: Totally recommend Soferia to give an IKEA sofa new life.

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