How and Why I Chose My Word of the Year for 2024: Space

Whew, I didn’t think we’d get to mid-January before I’d do my first of my goals posts, but here we are! Circle back season hit hard over here, which is great, but didn’t leave time for blogging. I’m going to work on my annual goals post over the weekend, but, for now, I wanted to share my word of the year.

Last year, my word of the year was upgrade. I was committed to getting rid of everything B-team in my life and focusing solely on the things I wanted to be there. That meant stuff, clothing, home items, work projects, social plans, travel — truly anything. Upgrade feels like simplifying but not in a minimalist way. It’s only keeping the best stuff and making it even better.

Did I do that? To an extent. I definitely got rid of a lot of stuff, but I also had a frenetically busy year, so I’m not sure I truly upgraded in terms of everything else (though getting a house that checked all our “next house” boxes could certainly be seen as an upgrade!*).

And that brings me to my word of the year for 2024. Space.

Word of the Year: Space

This year, I’m focused on space. That means creating space in my life to do new things and focus on the things I actually want. Much of the past year has been so scheduled. I look at my planner in the morning and I have a solid day from morning to night of work, meetings, and obligations. If one thing goes awry, a wrench is thrown in my entire schedule, and it reverberates for days.

I’m taking a little bit of inspiration from something I once saw Jen Shoop share. She referenced living a baggy life. I can’t recall the exact sentiment, but what I took away is that life should have enough room for spontaneity and enjoying the moment.

That’s what space is going to be for me. I’m not going to over-schedule myself so much that I feel rushed constantly, running from one meeting to the next. I want space for walks, for randomly meeting up with a friend, for saying, sure, I can meet you for a drink this evening!

How am I going to create that space? I’m not sure I can truly do less, but I can do less of things that don’t matter. Scrolling, out. Checking my email again, out. Letting tedious, maybe-not-necessary tasks fill up time that could be spent otherwise, out.

And, because I always love a double meaning, it just occurred to me space can also mean my home. Because lord knows I want this space to be done.

*I realize I never wrote my blog post about why we bought a new house now…that’s on the docket.


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