You Shouldn’t Wait For Your Home to Be “Done” to Have Friends Over

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’re well aware of the trials and tribulations of the past several months. Days after moving into what I would have considered a barely livable house, we got a stop work order due to “not enough detail” on our permit. It’s been a long fall and winter. Most days, I simply hang out in the dining room only, a room that is 85% done at this point and certainly done enough to feel sane. But, in that room, we have a long dining table simply begging to entertain.

One of my top priorities when we were house hunting was a dining room. I didn’t want a dining nook or a big living and dining space. I wanted a true dining room. And I got one! I got an absolutely lovely one, with not only enough room for a nine-foot table, but also two sitting areas. It’s my dream dining room.

Yet, for the last three and a half months, it’s sat unused beyond Adam and I. We dreamed of this house welcoming guests, and, yet, we couldn’t because we were waiting on some now far-off day when our house is done.

Living in the Now, Exactly As It Is

But who knows when that will come? And shouldn’t we live in it now? I decided that I wanted to embrace my rejection of perfection and start living in our house despite the mess, the masking taped together appliances, and the construction zone. I invited two friends over for brunch and decided to dress up the dining room with a tablescape including silver, cloth napkins, and crystal coupes (though, of course, we ended up deciding to forgo the champagne and stick to coffee).

For others, it’s always easier when someone else is doing the entertaining, so who’s actually paying attention to whether the paint is perfect or the floors have been patched? Who cares that there’s a hole in the ceiling where our chandelier will reside soon or that there’s not a door knob on the closet door? A quick reminder to wash your hands in the kitchen sink since the bathroom one barely works is no big deal. What matters is bringing people together. And that’s what I’m taking with me into 2024. We’re going to keep on welcoming people into our home, imperfections, undone-ness, and all.

Tablescape details: Blue Willow Plates | Blue Windsor Latte Mugs | Gorham Chantilly Silver | Loom & Table Napkins | Crate & Barrel Placemats | Milk Glass Cream and Sugar Set | Champagne Coupes

tablescape with blue willow - colonial inspired winter tablescape

tablescape with blue willow - colonial inspired winter tablescape

tablescape with blue willow - colonial inspired winter tablescape


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