Why a Vintage Full Length Fur Coat is a Must in Your Winter Wardrobe

A few years ago, I wrote a guide to how to shop for vintage faux fur — now we’re talking about why a vintage full length fur coat is a must for winter.

Every Thanksgiving, when I’m in Austin visiting Adam’s family, there’s a large vintage market going on at the same time. The City-Wide Vintage Sale is a massive event that takes over the Palmer Events Center with vintage clothing and antique vendors. I snuck in a couple of hours shopping the sale a few years back when we had time to kill before our flight. I boarded that flight carrying a few chinoiserie panels, holding a box of blue willow plates, and wearing a full length faux fur coat — that I got for $60.

That coat felt like a ridiculous purchase when I bought it. How often would I have the opportunity to wear a full length fur? Turns out, often.

Why a Vintage Full Length Fur Coat is a Must in Your Winter Wardrobe

Let me tell you something about full length fur coats, faux or real. These girls are warm. I swear, my faux fur coat is as warm as my heaviest puffer coat. I wore it this past week in a 20-degree snowstorm. And, while I would not have worn it had I known it was actually going to be snowing, it kept me warm (and, hey, it made for good photos!).  It’s kept me toasty during an arctic blast in DC. I’d reach for this just as soon as I’d reach for my sleeping bag style coat.

But, unlike the puffer, this one looks sophisticated. I hate throwing on a puffer over a dressy outfit. It feels akin to when we’d wear our North Face fleeces over our going out tops in college. But a wool coat, elegant as it may look, is never warm enough in the depths of winter. Pulling out the fur coat? That gives you an elegant, sophisticated aesthetic but with the warmth of your most intense puffer.

And here’s what I love about going vintage or vintage faux on this coat — you don’t feel as if it’s too precious to wear or you need to take special care of it because you didn’t drop a massive sum on buying one. I wear this every time I go out at night if the temperatures are below 35. I’d wear it for a quick walk if I was feeling fancy. This doesn’t need to be your special occasion look — it can just be your wrap-yourself-up-and-stay-cozy coat.

vintage full length fur coat

Where to Buy Vintage Full Length Fur Coats

I found my vintage full length fur coat at a vintage market, and I would 100% say that going the vintage or antique store route is the best way. I still regret not picking up a real vintage ivory coat at an antique mall in Kilmarnock a few years ago. But there’s also Etsy. I buy a lot of my vintage pieces on Etsy (look out for a blog post next week!), and I’ve rarely, possibly never, been disappointed. The prices are usually decent, and I’ve found that most of the sellers operate real shops but use Etsy to reach a wider audience. Here are a few I came across that I think are worth checking out.


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