Mad for Malachite and Gorgeous Vintage Malachite On Etsy

I recently bought this pair of vintage earrings from Etsy, and I’ve found lots of vintage malachite on Etsy — shared below.

When I think of malachite, I think of Grace Atwood. It’s basically her entire brand. And it’s rich and sumptuous. It has an eclectic elegance. It’s as lovely in the home as it is on jewelry. It gives those fabulous “I wear caftans and sip an ice cold martini at 5 PM in the afternoon on a Wednesday” vibes.

I’ve ogled over the striking bands of layered dark and light green on obelisks and antique shops and wondered if a malachite print tray would be the perfect finishing touch on my living room coffee table. But finding the right malachite piece to add to my collection had evaded me.

Mad for Malachite

Then, this winter, I went on a hunt for the perfect pair of malachite earrings. I’d seen a few pairs of chunky 1980s malachite earrings with 14K gold detailing around various sites including The Real Real and 1st Dibs. They had a “I have an estate sale-worthy jewelry collection” to them. They felt slightly eccentric but also polished. Like they’re the perfect addition to a dramatic yet tailored dress or a simple black turtleneck, blazer, and jeans.

The bee in my bonnet to find malachite earrings was underway.

vintage malachite earrings - vintage malachite on etsy


A Few of My Favorite Malachite Pieces From Etsy

If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that Etsy is one of my favorite places to source vintage jewelry. While you have to exercise some caution when buying estate pieces offline, I usually think it’s a safe bet when you’re looking at pieces that are priced in the few hundred dollars range. If it’s a more expensive item, I might take it to get appraised just to confirm it’s real but, typically, I’ll rely on marking to confirm solid gold.

I found the earrings above on Etsy, and I thought they were a great price for solid gold malachite earrings. I love the bamboo detailing and they’re a perfect size for everyday wear. Here are a few other malachite pieces — all vintage — that have caught my eye on Etsy.


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