Our Bathtub Bathroom Plans: Classic Tile and Bold Wallpaper

We’re calling this the bathtub bathroom. It’s the bathroom on the second floor, and it’s the only one within the main house that will have a bathtub. While I got to dictate the choices on the third floor, this one is Adam’s to guide — with my heavy hand, of course.

Where We Started

This bathroom was bad. The tub and the toilet worked enough when we moved in, as in the tub was leaking and rotting out the floor and the toilet had to be held down for about 20 seconds to flush, but that’s the best we had for months. It’s the bathroom we had to use. The sink, which was barely two feet off the ground didn’t work, so we brushed our teeth and washed our face in the kitchen. There was a bizarre built-in that someone took a paintbrush to with a multi-colored approach — it looked to me like a deep-in-the-pandemic project. The tile itself had been painted cream at some point, but it was aggressively peeling off to reveal the mauve beneath. Rust, cracks, and filth covered every inch.

Calling it gas station bathroom aesthetic would be generous.

But, as I’ve told people, the nice thing about the bathrooms being this bad is that they have to be redone. There’s no guilt over redoing something that’s perfectly fine. This had to go.

The Plan for this Bathroom

Similar to the third floor, this bathroom is roughly 4′ x 8′, which doesn’t leave a ton of room for creativity. We wanted to leave one bathroom in the house, and this was the best option, but we wanted to go smaller. We found a small soaking tub from Vintage Tub & Bath that measured just 47″ — perfect for a tiny space. We purchased that back in October right before our stop work order, and it has sat in our living room ever since.

Finally, this week, it should see the light of day.

With that tub in mind, we had months to choose the rest of the design. Both Adam and I love a classic basketweave, and it feels authentic to the period of the home. While I would have rather painted this bathroom, Adam wanted wallpaper. That meant running tile up four feet around the entire room to accommodate for the tub, and I chose a classic white subway tile but dressed it up with a tile chair rail and pencil molding.

A lot of my inspiration for this bathroom came from the one below, which I originally saved for the cottage, but I have yet to implement (again, Adam’s bathroom, my heavy influence).

And this is where we landed. I gave Adam the final say on the wallpaper, and he chose these blue peacocks from Rifle Paper. I love how the navy and black play together — it’s sophisticated, timeless, and successfully bridges masculine and feminine. We’re a few days out from the bathroom being done besides for the wallpaper, and just 10 days from wallpaper install day, so stay tuned. I cannot wait to see this transformation come to life.



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