Pixi Favorites

I’m on a kick with all the brands I discovered this summer and today I’ve got another one for you. I’ve seen pixi at Target before, but I had never picked any products up. The only one I had tried was a kind of eh lip balm from a Birchbox a few years back, but these products below have made me a fan. 

I use the Hydrating Milky Mist daily—it’s the perfect moisturizing pick me up after a long workday. Lower Lash mascara? I never even knew that existed, but now I can’t imagine trying to use a regular size mascara brush on my lower lashes. Plumping gloss is always a favorite of mine—add in a great fall color and it’s immediately in my regular rotation. H2O SkinDrink is a hydrating moisturizer that’s perfect for a morning boost pre-makeup. Top it off with the 24K Eye Elixir for a refreshing AM routine.

1 Hydrating Milky Mist – 2 H2O Skin Drink – 3 Lower Lash Mascara

4 24K Eye Elixir – 5 Lip Lift Max

Below are a few more pixi products that I’ve got on my list to try. The Glow Mist and Rose Oil Blend both seem like budget friendly alternatives to some of my usual favorite beauty products, and I’m eager to give them a shot. I’ll keep you posted on the verdict!


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