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Happy snow day, friends! Today is a much needed snow and slow day – perfect for making chili, working from home, and taking it easy. I was supposed to head out to a client meeting this afternoon and then a blogger happy hour this evening, but both were cancelled due to the weather and I’m definitely not complaining. 


March has been a crazy month and though it’s been a great time, I’m definitely looking forward to a slower pace in April. This month started with 6 days in Austin, then 3 in Richmond, 3 in Vegas (travel guide coming soon!), and then this Sunday we head to Ireland for a week. March last year was similar with Richmond, Asheville, Austin, and Costa Rica, so apparently it must be a spring thing for me.


So, how am I staying on top of everything else in life right now? A lot of to-do lists and prioritizing. I’m trying hard to keep up with blogging, though my 5 post a week goal from January and February had to drop back to 4 this month. I’ll be back up to 5 next month, especially since I still feel like I have more content ideas than I have time to actually create! There’s so much I want to bring to the blog, particularly with travel, wedding, and home this spring

Speaking of, a few of my favorite posts of 2018 went up this past week. I wrote about How to Select Your Perfect Engagement Photographer, which is something I feel so strongly about since we chose to invest in photography rather than other areas of our wedding planning process. Also, I finally did a Mini-Travel Guide to Austin. Check it out if you find yourself in the area and looking for spots for food, drinks, and more. Lastly, one of my most popular Insta stories ever was when I asked if y’all wanted to see a post on How to Wax Your Barbour Jacket – well, it’s finally up and just in time for early spring weather.

Regarding the wedding, I’ve been a little bit slow in planning this month, but I know December 2 is coming faster than I realize. At this point, I believe we have all our vendors straight, it’s just nailing down contracts and…finding a dress. Save the Dates were ordered this week, so that’s one HUGE relief! And, yes, we’re doing Save the Dates even though it’s a tiny wedding – I’m not going to miss out on things just because it’s small! 

I’ll have a post about the Save the Date process and how obsessed I am with the Minted More membership in a couple weeks (seriously, if you’re getting married, you NEED the Minted membership. It doesn’t make sense not to have it!)


What’s on the horizon this spring? My birthday is the second week of April! Then, I head up to NYC for a friend’s bachelorette party. I’m hoping to do a few one night getaways close to DC in April and May. Memorial Day will take us to Nashville, and in June we’re headed down to Key West for a wedding.

I’m also hoping to start taking on more freelance clients this spring, so if you know anyone looking for copywriting, digital content, or brand styling and photography, send them my way! I’d love to work with small businesses near and far, and since my day job is in digital content and copywriting, I figure that’s a good place to start!


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