Modern Map Art to Commemorate Life’s Biggest Events


So, I wanted to share a quick post about this fun print that Modern Map Art sent me because it’s such a sweet sentiment (it’s our engagement date!) and I love that the navy and white print looks absolutely perfect in our bedroom. But instead, I have a funny story. My bachelorette party was two weekends ago. September 14-16. That means I was returned into town on the anniversary of our engagement.


As soon as I mentioned when my bachelorette party was scheduled, Adam’s reaction was “You’re going to miss our engagement anniversary!” Which cracked me up because typically I’m the one saying things like, “Do you know what today is? It’s the anniversary of our 5th date where we saw an outdoor movie.” It’s not like Adam to know an anniversary date off hand.

Then I realized, he’s been looking at the date on our wall for the past month or so since I hung this print up. So, that’s the key to getting guys to remember anniversaries – make sure it’s staring at them every single day.




Of course that’s not the only reason to get a print from Modern Map Art. I love that this print commemorates the night sky on the day of our engagement as it appeared over Washington, DC, but you can get it for any occasion and location. A wedding, a first date, a significant trip. You can also get a map of an exact section of a city that’s significant to you – perhaps we’ll even get one made of our neighborhood in DC when we move out of our first apartment, or maybe we’ll get this street map pillow, which I’m thinking would look perfect in our shades of gray, black, and white living room.

Thanks so much to Modern Map Art for sending over this print – seriously, I love its crisp, graphic style and it definitely doesn’t hurt that serves as a reminder so that we never forget our engagement anniversary!



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  1. October 14, 2018 / 8:40 am

    Love this! I just bought one as a wedding gift for a friend who got married in Scotland this weekend and couldn’t go!

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