How to Wear White Jeans After Labor Day (Add Some Blue Suede Everlane Day Heels!)


Growing up, we always heard that white after Labor Day was a huge no-no. Previous generations couldn’t have imagined wearing a pair of white jeans, or, God forbid, white booties, well into the fall. Fortunately, that’s not longer the case, and we don’t even have to transition to winter white just because there’s a slight chill in the air. You can keep those crisp white jeans out all year long if you want to. But, how do you wear white jeans after Labor Day?


Wearing white jeans after Labor Day all depends on the weather and the season, but this is my go-to look throughout September and early fall. White jeans paired with a classic denim jacket (I’ve had this J.Crew jean jacket for almost 15 years!), a simple t-shirt, pretty earrings, and the best suede heels you’ll ever slip on (more about those in a second). It’s a timeless, effortless look that’s weekend appropriate, casual workday appropriate, or even date night appropriate if you kick up the jewelry. This is the outfit for those days when you want to look like, “Oh, this? I just threw this on!”

Has the weather already turned a bit cooler? That’s when I pair my skinny white jeans with boots or booties, a chunky sweater, and a heavy jacket. One of my favorite middle of the winter looks is my white jeans, a tan turtleneck, a tan wool coat, and brown boots. It’s monochromatic, wintery, and light all at the same time.





My favorite part of this white jeans after Labor Day outfit? These blue suede heels.

Y’all have heard me sing the praises of Everlane’s shoes before, and this pair of Everlane Day Heels is no exception. With a 2 inch block heel, these are the easiest heels to walk in ever, and with the ballet inspired silhouette and a range of colors that look fabulous with Everlane’s neutral wardrobe, they have a certain French girl chic look to them.

I’m obsessed and I got this blue suede color because I knew it’d look great from spring through fall. I can pair it with light colors and light jeans for a warm weather look, or I can wear it with dark jeans, a leopard sweater, and a tan leather jacket if the weather has turned cooler. I’ve worn them three times over the past two weeks with dresses and blazers when I knew I’d be walking quite a few blocks. You really can’t beat them.




Another note from this outfit, THESE EARRINGS. They’re from secondDaughter, a jewelry line from Jessica Speckhard, based right here in Washington, DC. I received these a couple months ago and am so glad to finally share them with y’all because they are absolutely gorgeous. The mother-of-pearl stud can be worn on it’s own or with the ear jacket right behind it (like I’m wearing it here).

I’m so in love with them that I’m actually thinking they’ll make an appearance with perhaps my rehearsal dinner dress during my wedding weekend. So, if you’re a bride, or you know a bride to be, send her these earrings. They’re feminine, pretty, and just bridal enough. And, since most of you probably are not thinking “wedding” all the time like I am, they also come in tiger’s eye or a deep green hematite. I actually thought I wanted one of those colors when I first saw them, but I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised to open up this stunning pair.




So, readers, do tell me what your thoughts are on white jeans after Labor Day! Are you good with white jeans anytime of year? Or do you stick to the tried and true rules of putting away all white denim after that last unofficial weekend of summer? If you put it away, do you make an exception for winter white? Or is all white off limits?





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