How I’m Getting in My Best Shape for Our Wedding


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Somehow we’ve gone from 15 months to 72 days and our wedding is right around the corner! And, like most brides to be, I’m cracking down in these final months so that I can be in the best possible shape for my wedding day. I mean, my dress is sleeveless and I want my arms to look Michelle Obama-esque, right?! Then, after the wedding day, comes the honeymoon where I plan on eating Colombian food for 6 days straight while lounging around in a white bathing suit…so I need to be prepared.


I struggled with what to title this post because I didn’t want to say “How I’m Getting In Shape for My Wedding.” I like to think I’m generally in pretty good shape, and I don’t believe one’s mentality should ever revolve around getting in shape for ONE day or event. It should be an overall lifestyle shift that is sustainable and healthy.

But, of course, I do want to be in my best possible shape for our wedding. Maybe my arms are a little more toned than usual or and I’ve been incorporating a bit more cardio. So, I’m focusing on creating a sustainable way of healthy living that’s just a bit more amped up prior to my wedding day. Between eating purposefully (for the most part), staying hydrated, and focusing on fitness, I’m developing an intentional healthy lifestyle that works for me before the wedding and after.



One of the biggest shifts I’ve made in the past couple months is tracking everything I eat through My Fitness Pal. For me, writing down what I’m putting in my mouth is what I need to stop and think twice before I eat that third cookie. It’s what makes me consider the yogurt over the chips. I don’t deny myself the things I enjoy, but I eat them in moderation, and I try to make healthier choices, particularly at breakfast and dinner. Adam and I cook a protein and a veggie every night for dinner, and reserve eating out for the weekends (it’s a great budgeting move, too, which is essential when saving for a wedding).

I also focus on tracking how many calories are coming v. how many are going out. While I didn’t think I’d respond well to calorie counting, it absolutely holds you accountable when you notice that your calories for the day are dipping into the red. That motivation is what got me on the elliptical last night at 8 PM after an early dinner with a friend.


Just as important as eating the right things is drinking the right things. And the right thing is WATER. I try to always have a water bottle on hand, whether I’m working from home, commuting to a client, going to a workout class, or just out and about running errands. While I don’t subscribe to a certain amount of ounces that I have to meet every day, I make sure I’m drinking enough water that I never feel thirsty.

One of the water bottles I always have in the fridge for days when I’m on the go and can’t bring a reusable water bottle with me is Himalayan Water. It’s crisp, refreshing water with naturally occurring electrolyte minerals that’s been bottled at the base of the Himalayas – plus, it has a naturally balanced pH level for a clean, smooth taste.

An added benefit of staying hydrated? Not only does it make you feel better and more energized, it makes you look better! Your skin NEEDS water to stay supple and youthful. So, drink up!




I’m sure you’ve heard that 80% of losing or maintaining weight is due to nutrition and hydration, but that doesn’t mean you can neglect fitness. I did want to lose a few pounds prior to the wedding, which I’ve done, with just 4 more to go, but if I want to be toned, I have to work those muscles! And, obviously, I’m trying to be as toned as possible for the wedding!

I first discovered workout classes back in college, and have been dedicated to working out with barre or yoga at least 4-5 times a week ever since. These days, I’m going to barre3 5 days a week and I kicked my weights up from 1 lb to 2 lb. I’m striving for the full expression of every posture rather than taking the modification (unless I need to) and my goal is to do the online workouts when I’m traveling (this will be a must when I’m in Austin for 5 days right before the wedding!).

Yoga is a once a week practice since I do that more for my own mental benefit rather than the workout at this point – my days of Corepower are behind me. But, I do find that the relaxation and meditation that comes from going through the postures in an organized class are well worth the investment in time.

Lastly, I aim to get as close to 10,000 steps a day as I can, often taking daily walks in the morning or at lunchtime. If I can’t get those steps in, then I’ll hop on the treadmill or elliptical when I have a half hour break at some point during the evening. No, I’m not out there running a marathon or going to Crossfit to prepare for my wedding, but I’m continuing with a realistic workout routine that works for my lifestyle and just kicking it up a notch.



So, these are my 3 areas I’m focusing on ahead of my wedding to get in my best shape: eating healthy, staying hydrated, and focusing on fitness. If you’re married, did you work to get in your best shape for your wedding? If you’re not, what adjustments have you made to your lifestyle to make sure you’re living your healthiest life?



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