A Few Links and Must-Have Fall Items


Y’all may have noticed it was a little quieter than usual on the blog these past couple weeks or so (okay, by quiet I mean I’m getting in 3 posts a week instead of 5, which I realize is still pretty good in the blog world!). Between a busy week at work, few freelance projects, evening plans, and trying to make sure I keep up with daily barre classes, there wasn’t time to get all the blog posts done that I hoped I’d have time for. Of course that means I have a whole queue of content for you – there’s travel, wedding, home, and more just waiting to be written.



Okay, so to get you through that back-to-work Monday feeling, here are a few of the items I’m absolutely loving this fall, as well as a what I’ve been doing on the blog lately and a few links from around the internet that you definitely won’t want to miss.

  • Suede Leggings: I’ve wanted a pair of the Lysse suede leggings from Tuckernuck for forever, but couldn’t justify the $98 price tag. Plus, they’re consistently back ordered. Well, I took to Amazon…and what did I find? The EXACT Lysse leggings for half as much and in stock! They’re SO comfortable I already want to invest in several other colors.


  • Jade Roller: I’ve heard the hype on jade rollers for so long, but was apprehensive about getting one myself. Finally, I decided that even though I’m not sure they actually do anything for anti-aging, it does sound like a relaxing self-care ritual. And, sure enough, it is. It even helped with an awful migraine I had last week. This one is only $11.95 and you can get it on Prime.


  • Rothy’s: A close friend’s brother-in-law started a shoe company a few years ago – Rothy’s. They’re made out of recycled water bottles and advertise no break-in period and she’s been trying to convince me to get a pair since she first started wearing their prototype, and now I’m finally a believer. The first time I put them on, I was a little iffy on the fit of the pointed toe flat (in leopard, duh), so I ordered a half size up, and I’m sold. They’re going to be right up there with my Everlane Day Gloves in the comfy flat rotation. Plus, Megan Markle was just spotted wearing a pair.


  • What’s Been on the Blog: Last week, while I only got 2 posts up for you, they were 2 good ones! The first was a guide to the Best of Charlottesville – I covered every one of my recommendations in the area – and the second was a guide to Wedding Invitation 101. I discussed everything from wording to when to send to stamps.



  • Fall Outfit Formulas: If you’re in an outfit rut, I loved this little roundup from the Everygirl covering Fall Outfit Formulas. These are the 5 super basic outfits ideas that will take you through pretty much any occasion this fall. Add a scarf and some jewelry and you’re good to go.

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  1. October 22, 2018 / 10:10 am

    Haha I am the same as you! If there is a busy week at my day job or I’m traveling and can only blog 2-3 times I’m like “OMG I am such a slacker!” Then I remind myself that’s actually not bad at all for all on my plate!

    Hope it’s a great week 🙂

    xoxo A

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