Tips to Find the Most Flattering One-Piece Swimsuit

Is it a little late in the season to write about the most flattering one-piece swimsuits? Maybe, but we just got back from 99-degrees in Alabama (travel guide coming soon, duh), and I took these cute photos that I obviously want to feature. And, it’s my blog so I talk about what I want to talk about, when I want to talk about it, right?!


One-piece bathing suits are finally getting their moment in the sun. They’ve graduated from mom-wear to something that can be uber sleek, regardless of age and maternal status. There’s a retro glamour, a sporty sophistication, and straight-up functionality when it comes to putting on a one-piece. But, finding one that fits is another story…

OUTFIT DETAILS: Vineyard Vines Sconset One-Piece / Tuckernuck Packable Hat (tired of seeing this hat yet? I’m slightly embarrassed by how often it shows up in my Instagram grid)


vineyard vines sconset bathing suit - flattering one-piece swimsuit - tuckernuck packable hat



Real talk here: one-pieces are actually harder to find in a flattering cut than bikinis. Disagree with me if you will, but I think bikinis are a fairly easy style to wear. Regardless of body shape or size, there’s a silhouette that’s going to look great on you.

For me, it’s typically high-waisted bottoms and tops sans padding or underwire (though I did love this flirty little number for our honeymoon!). Maybe you prefer a low-rise bottom and a push-up top or maybe you’re into an athletic racerback and brief. Point being, bikinis are cute, they’re playful, they’re flattering.

One-pieces, on the other hand, involve striking the perfect chord to achieve an elegant look. Plus, I think they’re tougher to find in the correct size, particularly if your top and bottom aren’t the same number on a fit chart. I can’t tell you how many swimsuits I’ve tried on that I was, no pun intended, swimming in up top, while the bottom cut into my booty. So, here are my tips, from many years of experience, on finding the most flattering one-piece:

  • Consider the fabric. Before we even get into fit, think about how easy—or not easy—it is to get this swimsuit on and off. The one I’m wearing in this post also came in seersucker, but the seersucker, while cute, was stiff enough that it made the suit a pain to pull on and off. And I take a lot of bathroom breaks…so wearability is key.


  • Now, let’s start from the bottom up: look at the leg openings (is that the official term? idk) on your suit. I’ve found that a higher cut tends to be more flattering because it lengthens your legs. If you’re bottom-heavy, like I am, you may think that a retro, across the top of the thighs cut is the way to go, but I’ve found they tend to cut me in half. Not a good look. However, if you’re tall or straight up and down, that retro cut could add some curves!


  • When it comes to the back, a low back is always going to be flattering, feminine, and sexy!


  • Looking at the neckline, this is where it can get tricky. As I mentioned, I often have issues fitting both the top and bottom at the same time, so I go for tops that are super adjustable and steer clear of anything with padding or underwire. A halter style is amazing on pear shapes, a deep v-neck is perfect small chests, and a push-up bra is great if you need a bit more support. Strapless is something I’d generally steer clear of, regardless of body shape, but that’s just my personal taste.


  • Regarding details, I like to look for interesting straps on the back—that’s an area that you generally want to draw attention to, so why not spice it up?! The swimsuit I’m wearing here not only has back interest, but the striped sections on the front draw the eye up, which is ideal. I try to avoid suits that are just plain fabric, and instead look for silhouettes with ruching, ruffles, and cutouts that add more interest and let the suit steer clear of frumpy territory (an exception is the perennial favorite classic J.Crew suit).

So, all that being said, have you jumped on the one-piece train? And, if so, where have you found your best fit?


vineyard vines sconset bathing suit - flattering one-piece swimsuit - tuckernuck packable hat



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