Treat Yourself: Buying Vintage Sapphire Rings on Etsy

I’m updating this post with vintage sapphire rings on Etsy that are in stock now, but it’s funny to think I wrote this literally the day before I got engaged (on September 16, 2017!). I had wanted to treat myself and didn’t realize I would be getting an even bigger treat so soon (I’ve never been known for my patience).

A few weekends ago, when I was in Richmond, I was strolling through Carytown and taking in just how much the street has changed through the years. It’s still a vibrant, bustling part of the city. but many of the stores I remember are gone, others have morphed into something I don’t even recognize (Need Supply Co…), and there are certainly more restaurant options than I recall.

As I passed one of the antique stores that has been there forever, Anthill Antiques, I noticed that a closing sign and decided to pop in. Partly to see the end of an era, but also because I’m always in search of a good deal. My focus the past couple months has been exclusively on home purchases, but when I glanced at a case of vintage rings, one immediately caught my eye.


I’ve always wanted a sapphire and diamond ring — until recently I actually thought I wanted a sapphire for my future engagement ring — which is why I knew I had to have this delicate marquis cut sapphire set in yellow gold and surrounded by 6 tiny diamonds. I was feeling a bit indulgent (or maybe it was the craft beer I’d just had?), so I decided to go for it. Every girl deserves something sparkly to wear every day, and there’s no reason not to buy it for yourself.


vintage sapphire ring - vintage diamond and sapphire ring


When I got home, I decided to do a quick search for vintage sapphire rings on Etsy to confirm I had gotten a good deal given that this antique store was offering shop closing prices. What I found was that you can actually find amazing deals on vintage jewelry online. How had I never discovered this? I don’t think I’ll ever buy another piece of overpriced costume jewelry again now that I know you can find gorgeous vintage pieces in gold with real gemstones on Etsy.

These pieces are all from a simple search for “vintage sapphire ring” on Etsy. Of course, there’s an array of prices, but you can easily narrow it down to the sub $300 pieces or wherever your budget happens to be. There are even lots of options under $200! It’s a little splurge for yourself that’s absolutely worth it.


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  1. Monica {Cake and Lilies}
    September 15, 2017 / 7:38 pm

    I love this post! Completely agree about having to treat yourself sometimes. And little sapphire rings are the best…I have a tiny one from my mom and reach for it regularly. Love the one you picked!

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