Cozy Bedroom Updates to Make This Winter (Hint: Use Faux Fur!)

I’m not typically one for seasonal decorating (perhaps it’s because I’ve lived in a small space with minimal storage for so long!), but, on a wild hair, I decided to look at a few cozy bedroom updates to make this winter. We do have two different bedding combinations that we switch between — one being the Midnight Jungle CB2 bedding and the other this minimalist Pottery Barn Teen bedding. And, I’m not sure I would have guessed that the ivory bedding would be the one I’d pick for winter, but I’m loving this fresh fallen snow vibe.


Our bedroom isn’t particularly seasonal as it is. With the neutral color palette and north-facing windows, if anything, it has a wintery vibe all year long. But, this room does have one wall that’s entirely windows, which can make it seem frigid (quite literally) as the temperatures drop.

So, I wanted to warm it up for the winter. I wanted to bring in texture and softness to add layers to our bedroom — and the obvious way to do that was faux fur. Faux fur all day long. We know I’m into the faux fur life (even not in the winter…), but I had never introduced it to the bedroom, until now.

I added two black faux fur pillows to the bed, but what really took the level of coziness to the next level was the ivory throw. I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it (would I be too hot?!), but I LOVE having this throw on our bed at night. It has a bit of the effect of a weighted blanket, but it isn’t hot — and it’s a perfect winter white atop our ivory duvet. I feel like I’m in a winter wonderland all the time. And, for someone whose favorite season is 100% winter, that’s a win.


*No, there’s nothing in the coffee mug here. I’m climbing on top of my bed to take these photos — do you think I’m going to risk spilling coffee all over my pristine winter white duvet?!


pb teen - pottery barn teen - faux fur pillow - faux fur throw - pb teen faux fur - winter bedroom updates


Of course, I realize that faux fur isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so there are other cozy bedroom updates to make this winter if you feel like embracing hygge. Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

  • Switch out your sheets to flannel: What’s cozier than wrapping yourself in soft, brushed cotton at night? I share my bed with someone who runs hot so it’s not an option, but, if that’s not your situation, fall into flannel.
  • Add in a sheepskin rug on the floor: You can pick these pretty cream-colored rugs up at Ikea for a song (literally, I think they’re $9.99 at Ikea…or avoid the Ikea hell and grab this one for $17.99 at Target — the sanity-saving is worth the $8) and toss them on the floor next to your bed or wherever you want to add a bit more coziness.
  • String pom-pom garland or twinkle lights on your headboard: No, they don’t have to scream college dorm room. You can totally do this in a rustic-chic way.
  • Toss a cable knit throw on your bed: These uber-chunk knit blankets are all over Instagram this year and I can see why — they are the coziest blankets I’ve ever seen. And, I can imagine Hampden would have a field day tearing it up if we had one.
  • Add a flannel pillow or two to your bedding: If your decor allows (ours does not, sadly), grab a few tartan pillows and go all-out Christmas all winter long.

So, with these ideas in hand, go forth and create your cozy winter wonderland in your bedroom — and don’t forget to come back here and let me know what you did!


pb teen - pottery barn teen - faux fur pillow - faux fur throw - pb teen faux fur - winter bedroom updates

pb teen - pottery barn teen - faux fur pillow - faux fur throw - pb teen faux fur - winter bedroom updates

pb teen - pottery barn teen - faux fur pillow - faux fur throw - pb teen faux fur - winter bedroom updates


Thank you to Pottery Barn Teen for sending this fun faux fur items my way! As always, I am so grateful for the brands that make this blog possible and all opinions are my own (seriously, I’ve been using PB Teen bedding for many, many years so it’s SO exciting to finally work with them!).


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