Where to Order New Year’s Cards: Our 2019 Holiday Card

Okay, okay, our 2019 holiday cards haven’t gone out yet, BUT they are stamped and return addressed! I’m seeing addressing these as a project for tomorrow night once we’ve headed out of town. We were able to snag a photo of the two of us — without sunglasses and in daylight — over Thanksgiving, so we were a bit behind the 8-ball from the start. Luckily, we send New Year’s cards, so we do have a bit more leeway on timing.

But, that brings me to my topic for today: where do you order New Year’s cards? They’re not as pervasive as Christmas cards, so the designs are a bit more limited.


Where do you start when ordering New Year’s cards? There are a million options: Minted, Artifact Uprising, Shutterfly, and so on. Minted has, by far, the most options for New Year’s cards, but you’re also going to pay a premium — however, with that premium comes the highest quality cards I’ve seen. Artifact Uprising’s options are limited, however, I think their designs are the most sophisticated and hip. And Shutterfly has lots of options that are…loud and bright to say the least.

So, who’d we go with? I went the budget-friendly route: Simply to Impress. They had options that were minimalist enough that I thought they looked nice, but the price was right — about $44 for 60 cards. The key with ALL of these companies is that they are running nonstop promotions from November on and they ship quickly, so don’t ever pay full price.

Notice that little address stamp in the corner? I ordered that off Etsy as soon as we bought our condo. It’s such a cute (and inexpensive) housewarming gift idea! However, I would add that we got the handstamp, and if I were to do it again, I’d go for the self-inking stamp. And, I ran to the post office yesterday and encountered only a 4-person line and grabbed these winter berry stamps, which might be my favorite holiday stamp yet.

Okay, so this was a short post since I know I need to pack, bake, and do all sorts of other to-dos before heading out of town, so I’ll leave you with a quick walk down memory lane with our cards from holidays past: 2017 and 2018*

For those curious when we started doing holiday cards together, I did them once we had moved in together, though that also happened to be the first year we were engaged. 


holiday cards - new year's cards - simply to impress holiday cards

holiday cards - new year's cards - simply to impress holiday cards

holiday cards - new year's cards - simply to impress holiday cards



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