5 Ideas to Break Up Weekdays From Weekends

I’ll be honest, the first few weeks of social distancing blended into each other because I had no real way to break up weekdays from weekends. Particularly with Adam working at least part of the weekend, there was no differentiator from one day to the next.


But, I’ve come to the conclusion that creating that weekday | weekend divide comes down to rituals and traditions that signal the transition from one day to the next. They don’t need to be big productions or super special occasions, just little actions that remind your brain to turn off the stress of the workweek.



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1 | Kick Off Friday Happy Hour With a Cocktail and Apps

At some point on Friday evening, we make an effort to put away our computers, maybe decide on a movie to watch, and break out the cocktails and snacks. Creating a sign that, yes, the weekend is here does wonders for shifting your mindset from work, work, work, to okay, it’s time to relax a little bit.

And, while my charcuterie board game has definitely declined given that I’m not going to the grocery store (who knew how much harder it would be to pull together meats and cheeses when I can’t actually select them?!), I’m realizing that it’s not always the presentation that matters.

2 | Plan a Special Breakfast Menu to Mark Saturday Morning

We always love to plan a leisurely breakfast for Saturday mornings, often involving recipes that we don’t have time for at 8 AM on a weekday. So far, we’ve done french toast, homemade biscuits and gravy, and breakfast tacos.

It doesn’t need to be fancy, it just needs to be something that you wouldn’t have time to do with your daily weekday work check-in looming.

3 | Have One Weekend Project You Want to Accomplish

Before each weekend, Adam and I always take a minute to think about a home project we want to check off in the coming weekend. Honestly, we do this even when times are normal. But, it’s more important now that we’re trying to carve out a true weekend time.

That project could be installing new shelves like we did two weekends ago, painting a room, cleaning out the pantry, doing a deep clean of the bathrooms, or maybe I’m switching out my closet from fall/winter to spring/summer. These are the sometimes tedious items that would take too long for a busy weekday, but will give us a sense of accomplishment when we knock them out during the weekend.

4 | Try to Schedule Your Zoom Happy Hours for the Weekend

I found I was quickly getting overwhelmed by Zoom meetings with friends during the week. And, that shouldn’t be a surprise! I try to minimize my weeknight plans when life is normal, so obviously trying to squeeze in a Zoom every evening would feel like way too much — particularly because there’s no set end time when you know no one has any place to be.

So, now I try to focus on scheduling Zoom happy hours for the weekends. It’s more relaxing for me to catch up with friends when I am not fitting it in between a long workday, freelance work, dinner, and a workout, even if I’m at home for all of it. Plus, it helps make my weekends feel like a weekend if that’s when I’m sitting down to catch up with friends.

5 | Take Time to Relax and Reconnect With At-Home Date Nights

Yes, date night looks different right now, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put something on the calendar for Saturday night. Maybe it’s a movie night — one you’ve intentionally chosen, not just found as you’re scrolling through — and you indulge on popcorn and candy.

You could plan to order take-out from a favorite restaurant or support a different local spot each weekend. That recipe you’ve been putting off because it takes hours upon hours to make? Open a bottle of wine and make it occasion.

Remember, the key right now is adapting. Time is passing in the weirdest of ways right now, but with special little rituals and actions, we can embrace this season and make the best of it.


break up weekdays and weekends - h&m shaping jeans - rothy's Mary Janes



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