Rothy’s Mary Jane Review + $20 Off Rothy’s Promo Code 2023

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I’m obsessed with Rothy’s. You’ve likely gathered that from posts like this on the loafer or this one on the sneaker. And, of course, I’m always excited when they come out with a new style. The most recent style — the Chelsea Boot — didn’t do much for me and I skipped on it, but I was delighted when, last week, they came out with the first of their new spring styles: the Mary Jane. So, of course, I’m here with a Rothy’s Mary Jane review for you.

A Classic Style: Rothy’s Mary Jane Review

Let’s get into it: what do I think of the new Rothy’s Mary Jane style? First off, I went with a red paid since I don’t have a pair of red flats and it’s such a classic look.

I’m envisioning them paired with a pair of skinny-straight high-waisted jeans and a simple navy and white bateau top. So French and so effortless, right?!

I decided to order a half-size up — this was something I didn’t do in the point because they felt a little loose, but I thought that with the tie on the top, I could gain some wiggle room in the toes while still feeling secure. This was definitely the right move — they fit perfectly. For reference, I’m anywhere from a 6.5 to a 7.5, usually a 7, so I went with 7.5.

I got them in Saturday and was immediately impressed with the deep red color — they’re a dark lipstick red. So, so classic. In theory, I believe the silhouette is the same as the point, but the point feels a bit more gradual and elegant on these — I’m not sure if it’s legitimately an update on the design or just an illusion because of the straps. The straps are stretchy and aren’t going to be a perfect bow, but I like the casualness of them — they’re not too feminine or cute. These shoes have the faux leather sole which I’ve only seen on the merino wool shoes — perhaps it’s something they’re doing on the dressier shoes. I like it, but it’s a bit slippy on slick floors before you scuff them up a bit


rothy's mary jane review - rothy's promo code - rothy's discount code

They’re Up for a Walk

Obviously, I had to take them for a whirl that evening going to dinner and I wore them with a black turtleneck and jeans. They kicked the outfit up just enough. But, I didn’t want to write a review based on going to dinner via uber, so I decided to wear them the next day to walk approximately 10,000 steps — mostly, I wanted to make sure those straps were going to stay tied. 

I did tie them REALLY tight. A loose bow isn’t going to cut it. I wanted to tie these and make sure they’re going to stay tied. And, they did! I walked from my house up to a friend’s house about 10 blocks away, around the neighborhood, and back. They didn’t even need a touch-up.

But, again, let me reiterate, you need to tie them tightly. Don’t half-ass it. I didn’t think much as I quickly tied them on my way out the door to dinner the previous night and definitely noticed that they were a bit loose a couple hours later.

Now, I’m also tempted, because I’m not a huge bow person, to cut the straps a bit and just do a double-knot with loose ends…I haven’t gone that crazy yet, but it could happen (I’ll keep you posted, duh).

 rothy's mary jane review - rothy's promo code - rothy's discount code

A Quick 101 on Rothy’s Plus 2023 Rothy’s Promo Code

In case you’re totally new to Rothy’s, here’s a quick lowdown. These ultra-comfy shoes require no break-in period, they’re made of recycled water bottles, and Meghan Markle has been known to wear them.

They’re made out of a knit material, they can easily go in the wash (air-dry them!), and they mold to your foot, but don’t stretchy necessarily. Rothy’s are a great commuter shoe, my mom friends swear by them as their work to weekend shoe because they’re perfect for chasing around kids, my city friends love them for walking all over town, and everyone else just loves them because they’re super easy and super comfy. I have 7 pairs now and the sneaker and the loafer are the styles I always direct people in when they get their first pair (speaking of, hey, Rothy’s can you come out with some new loafer styles because I desperately want a new pair!!).

Okay, so if I’ve convinced you newcomers, remember, you can use code Welcome20 for $20 off your first pair. And, for everyone else, don’t worry, next time a new style comes out, I’ll be here with another review, just like the Rothy’s Mary Jane review here.

 rothy's mary jane review - rothy's promo code - rothy's discount code Describe

 rothy's mary jane review - rothy's promo code - rothy's discount code Describe

 rothy's mary jane review - rothy's promo code - rothy's discount code Describe

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