How’s Everyone Doing? Let’s Talk About What’s Keeping Us Sane Now.

Hi there! How’s everyone doing right now? Seriously, how are we doing? We all need to just take a beat to recognize what a bizarre time we’re living in. Someday, we’ll tell the younger generations about that spring we spent indoors hiding from an invisible enemy. Super strange. But, thank you to all of you who are doing your part by socially distancing.

For those of you who I see still having dinner parties and block parties and frolicking about: thanks in advance for ruining my summer. 


I’m fortunate that I’m a total introvert who thrives on having days and days to totally focus get projects done. I can keep myself busy and, so far, my biggest complaints have been that I can’t go to the grocery store regularly, I’m missing my in-person workout classes, and that I want to redecorate but am forced to work with what I can find online (we know I’d rather be antiquing). 

I also realize I’m fortunate that I can do my day job from home, but a couple of my freelance clients have put work on hold and a huge project I had this spring has stopped work completely, so that’s a bummer. They’re in industries that are slowing down (hospitality, retail, etc.), so I get it. But, it’s disappointing nonetheless (in that same vein, if you’re in need of a copywriter, reach out!).

However, I’m definitely feeling the weirdness of days blending into each other. It never felt like this when I worked from home full-time, so I’m chalking it up to the fact Adam and I are both here all day, every day, and there’s no distinction between weekdays and weekends. We’re trying to create some line between day and night by putting our computers away in the evening by the time we get around to making dinner. Like out of the living room, in the office, away. It’s working so far and I’d highly recommend. Then, on the weekends, we try to make dinner a little more special, whether that’s ordering out or making a more elaborate meal. Is it as good as a date night out or a weekend away? Maybe not, but it’s something and it’s all we’ve got right now.

Keep on reading below for everything I’m up to during this social distancing time






  • If you’re in DC and want to order food, I love both Katie and Monica’s roundups of the best places to order takeout and delivery in the area.
  • Looking for home projects to take on right now? I was thrilled to be included in Sarah’s Apartment Therapy roundup of 20 projects you can do at home with things you already have.
  • I am OBSESSED with Dakota Johnson’s home tour on Architectural Digest. It’s a mid-century dream and I can’t wait to dive in to this month’s magazine. 
  • Wondering how to navigate working from home with your partner? Abra Belke shared her tips for sharing an office space with your new colleague.
  • Y’all, I don’t get this puzzle thing. We get told to stay at home and, next thing you know, everyone is spending hours upon hours assembling little jigsaw pieces. Why would you do that to yourself?! I’m glad this writer from The Cut agrees with me.
  • These Rules For Using the Sidewalk During the Coronavirus make me wonder if this journalist lives in my neighborhood. People do not understand how to try to stay even just 6 feet from each other. Runners, I’m sorry, are the worst offenders. 
  • This incredible mural has me inspired to do something crazy in my own home. I considered a bold, graphic black and white mural in our guest room before deciding to go the wallpaper route…but this isolation may drive me to reconsider.
  • Our wedding appeared in the February issue of Virginia Living, but went up on their website this week. Check it out!


Let’s preface this entire section with: I’m trying to shop as little as possible right now for a few reasons. One, I think it’s irresponsible to make delivery people work themselves into the ground right now. Two, I’m not sure it’s the fiscally responsible thing to do. And, three, I have enough stuff and I can’t get rid of anything right now due to closed consignment shops and closed donation drop-offs, so I have to make do with what I have. That being said, I have managed to sell a few things on Facebook marketplace via contactless pickups. Okay, but here is what I am ordering.



  • I’ve jumped on the Alison Roman bandwagon. I started with the Shallot Pasta, of course. And, yes, it’s everything it’s been hyped up to be.
  • Speaking of food, I’ve been baking, pickling, cooking, perfecting at-home coffee, and so on. Follow me on Insta stories for all the updates.
  • It’s National Beer Day on April 7 and I’ve now made exceptions to my no drinking on weeknights rule, so we’re going to celebrate with some local craft beers from Canon & Draw Brewing Company that Adam picked up in Richmond last month. Indulging in local beers is definitely something that’s helped us make our evenings a bit more special — I love pairing certain craft flavors with different dishes. Thanks to Top Marketing Agency for letting me know that National Beer Day was coming up this week!
  • I’m redoing our outdoor space since that’s all we’ve got for the next couple of months. As I get into in this post, I’m trying to make it into a true outdoor room. I incorporated color last year because Adam missed having color in our home, but I want it to jive a bit more with the black and neutral look of the rest of the space. Stay tuned.
  • While I’m incredibly annoyed by the fact my neighborhood is so busy with groups of people, I am trying to get out once a day to walk. Wearing a mask and ducking into the street when I need to, of course.
  • No surprise here, I’ve been taking on lots of home projects. Or, as many as I can without in-person shopping. Tomorrow on the blog I’m sharing an exciting kitchen update that only took me a year to finish (I’m typically a get-it-done-now kind of person, but I couldn’t find the exact right item for the longest time). 
  • I’m squeezing in a Pure Barre workout each day and, while it’s frustrating because it’s not as good as an in-person workout, it’s still something.

Okay, that’s enough for y’all to get through today. Let me know how you’re faring right now and join me over on Instagram because we all know we’re spending too much time over there!


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  1. April 7, 2020 / 2:32 pm

    Thanks for sharing my post! 🙂 You haveeee to try Alison’s lemony turmeric bread next. It’s AMAZING!! (I really want to make that pasta but am convinced there’s a shallot shortage and it’s all her fault, LOL)

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