The 3 Best Bras For Small Chests (My Everyday Favorites!)

Let’s talk about the best bras for small chests. The best bras for big boobs get a lot of attention for good reason — they need support! — but what about those of us who are card-carrying members of the itty bitty titty committee? We need bras, too. Well, actually, we don’t…and I don’t wear one 90% of the time, but that’s a conversation for another day.

A Good Bra For Small Chests Is So Dang Hard to Find

So, why are bras for small chests so difficult? Cups don’t work for us most of the time (the dreaded gape!). Underwire digs into our ribs. Straps fall off our shoulders. We don’t really need support, we just need a bra that’s going to give us a smooth look under the occasional t-shirt. And, that my friends, is not easy to find.


best bras for small chests

The 3 Best Bras for Small Chests

But, after much research and my firm commitment to bralettes over bras, these are the three best bras for small chests that I’ve found. And, yes, I’ve previously written a post on the best bralettes, but these are more everyday options than the lacy, pretty ones I’ve shared before.

  • Underbares | The Everyday Bra: This is the sexy bra on this list, but it’s also oh so comfy. You won’t even realize you have it on. It’s designed in DC and made in Boston, so I love that it has American-made roots. I would recommend sizing one size up.
  • Bali Easylite Seamless Wirefree Bra: And, this is the least sexy bra on the list. However, it’s super comfortable, super smooth, and has just a bit of padding to fill out a top or dress if you need it. This is the one I’m wearing in the photos in this post. 
  • Calvin Klein Triangle Bralette: I love Calvin Klein underwear and it’s retro appeal (seriously, I wrote a whole post about it here), but they also knock it out of the park with basics. This simple black bralette is the one you’ll reach for again and again. Plus, it has classic bra styling…without the pain of underwire.


best bras for small chests


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