Where to Buy Cheap Accent Pillows: H&M Pillow Cover Review

I like to think of accent pillows to a home as silk scarves are to an outfit. They’re that punch of color and pattern (and sometimes texture!) that completes a look. Like, it was fine before, sure. But, with that little extra the whole space comes together.

And, particularly in spaces like my living room, where I’m kind of stuck with a sofa that’s super functional but not as stylish as I’d like*, they help to distract the eye. Which is also exactly why I prefer to buy cheap accent pillows — so I can switch the look up when I get bored and keep things fresh. Though, side note, right now I’m dying to splurge on this pillow.

*My commitment to our Ikea sofa is three-fold. First, Hampden scratches up everything so I don’t want to spend money on a new sofa. Second, we really like having a sectional for comfort purposes. And, most importantly, third, the storage in the chaise is clutch. If you can find me another sofa that’s more stylish with storage, I’m in.

Where to  Buy Cheap Accent Pillows

It’s actually no surprise that Etsy had been my go-to for cheap accent pillows for yeaaars, but recently I discovered a new-to-me source: H&M Home. Yes, I know, I try to stay away from fast fashion brands but, y’all, H&M just comes through with pieces that are pretty decent quality again and again (like these jeans?! these shorts?!).

So, of course, H&M pillows would also be a holy grail. I grabbed two of this black and white graphic, geometric pillow cover for $5.99 each. YES. $5.99. Regular price. Not on clearance. It’s crazy. I did order about 15 different pillow covers to find the one that would work so I can even speak to the quality across multiple styles. I would have brought any of them into my home. Are they super luxurious? No. (Okay, maybe this $17.99 bee pillow was.) But, they’re as good as you’re going to get at Target or Home Goods or anywhere else. Which is all I need for pillows that I’m switching out with the seasons (meaning I’ll bring them back, not that I literally get new pillows every season).


where to buy cheap accent pillows - h&M pillow covers - H&M pillow cover review


Shop H&M Pillows

Here are a few of my favorite H&M pillows that are in stock now. There’s even a $5.99 cover currently (the price I paid for ours).

Now, remember these are pillow covers and you do have to buy the inserts separately, but those are super cheap to pick up. Plus, then you’ll have them to switch out covers season-to-season or whenever you decide to redecorate (seriously, I think I’m using inserts I bought while living in one of my first group houses in DC…I have an entire shelf of our linen closet dedicated to pillow inserts).

So, go wild. Choose a few different looks. When you’re buying these for a song, it’s the perfect opportunity to try out colors or patterns you might have shied away from previously. Have fun with it!


where to buy cheap accent pillows - h&M pillow covers - H&M pillow cover review


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