Best DC Coffee Roasters (Yes, I’m a Local Coffee Snob)

I’m on a DC round-up kick this week, apparently, and today I’m back with the best DC coffee roasters. I wrote about my favorite DC coffee shops last year and that was a hit so, now, let’s talk about what you can brew at home.

Also, you might be thinking, is this becoming a coffee adjacent blog and Instagram account? Why, yes, I believe it might be. And, if coffee and bagels become my persona, then who am I to complain?

The Best DC Coffee Roasters

I got on the whole bean coffee train at some point in the last year. I believe it was after a trip to Richmond when my dad found out that, while we were buying local coffee, we were buying it ground. Apparently that’s a huge no-no in the coffee snob world. 

So, he got us a coffee grinder (he swears by this $20 version he’s had for 20+ years) and, ever since then, we’ve been buying local whole beans and getting fancy with our coffee every morning. I mean everyone needs a pandemic hobby, right? 

Of course, we prefer to buy our beans either local or while we’re traveling and these are the best DC coffee roasters in my humble opinion. 

Zeke’s Coffee of DC: When we live on H Street, we’d often grab coffee to go from Zeke’s spot at the H Street Farmers Market but, now, we pick up beans from their Rhode Island Ave NE location. You can also find them downtown on 15th St NW. They have so many different blends that we end up buying something different every time and it’s fun to mix it up. Right now, we have the Peru Norte blend, which is a bit light for me, but that was Adam’s pick šŸ™‚ 

Sidamo Coffee and Tea: This review on Yelp sums up Sidamo perfectly. The owner is a chatty older man who is so warm and welcoming. I’d buy coffee there just to support him. All of their beans are imported directly from Ethiopia and roasted on-site. The Yirgacheffe roast is one of their classics but the owner will be happy to talk to you about the variety and steer you in the right direction.

Peregrine Espresso: Peregrine is one of the closest coffee shops to where I live (it’s right next to Eastern Market) and it was my go-to back when I used to meet friends for coffee. Small Planes Coffee is the local DC roaster they work with and they offer free delivery over $30 within the city limits of DC.

Cam’s Kettle Coffee Company: I came across Cam’s Kettle at Eastern Market a few months ago and have been returning every other week since. They work with farms throughout Central America to bring a variety of beans to the DC area. I pick up a bag of whole beans every month or so (right now, I have the medium-dark roast from Honduras) but I also love their cold brew. The Velvet Cacao is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. I buy a big mason jar of it and bring back the jar every other week ($1 off for bringing it back!). 

Compass Coffee: I’ll be honest, I’ve never bought whole bean coffee from Compass Coffee. However, it felt negligent to leave them off a list of the best DC coffee roasters. I’ve been in their coffee shops enough times that I can vouch for their lattes. Their maple latte this time of year is heavenly. 

Have other local DC coffee roasters that are worth checking out? Let me know! I’m always looking for new places to try.


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