My Everyday Winter Coat: Columbia Heavenly Jacket Review

Today I’ve got a Columbia Heavenly Jacket review, perfect for any of you who are searching for a winter coat that’s lightweight yet suitable for cold, windy winter days.

Who else is anxiously awaiting cooler temps? We got a big dose of winter weather when we traveled to Portland, ME this past weekend and dined outside in 36 degrees with 40 mph winds. And that’s what inspired me to write this post…

Tracking Down the Best Everyday Winter Jacket

I have a super heavy long parka for those literal freezing days and lots of in between jackets but my winter wear wardrobe was lacking in a everyday winter jacket appropriate for 30-40 degree winter days. I wanted something that felt sleek, far more casual than a long wool coat, and totally at ease with a pair of sneakers and leggings.

A black lightweight puffy quilted jacket seemed like the best solution but that’s a harder ask to find than what might anticipate. Too puffy. Not puffy enough. Too boxy. Too fitted. With a hood. Without. The options were endless. So, after many weeks and countless orders, here’s what I landed on: the Columbia Heavenly Jacket. And, I’m now on my second season with it so you know it’s a winner.

Wondering what else I ordered in my search? Here are a few other black jackets that I tried: North Face, Patagonia, Barbour. All were fine but the Columbia Heavenly Jacket came in as the perfect combination of warmth, price, and style.



best everyday jacket winter - columbia heavenly jacket review

Columbia Heavenly Jacket Review

This jacket has a feminine cut, is super lightweight, has a hood (perfect for drizzly and windy days!), and hits just above the knees — an ideal length for a dress it up or dress it down jacket. The diamond quilted stitching is far more feminine than box stitching if you ask me and I love that it’s just a bit longer in the back.

If there’s one complaint I have, it’s that I was apprehensive about the fleece-lined hood. It’s ended up never bothering me but I almost didn’t keep it because I wanted it to just match the rest of the coat.

When do I wear the Columbia Heavenly Jacket?

I don’t wear this on 5 degree days when I’m wearing my heavy, heavy parka but it’s my go-to for most winter days. I wear it when I’m going on walks or plan on being active. I wear it with athleisure but also when I’m traveling and need to bring just one coat since I can dress it up or down.

Is it good for colder climates?

It’s lightweight but has an omni-heat reflective lining and synthetic down to keep you cozy and warm. Also, the thumbholes are small detail that is a game-changer. It’s an all-winter long coat for those who are looking at 30-40 degree days and a great fall coat for those in tundra-like climates.

What about rainy days?

This jacket is water-resistant and I’ve worn it on windy, rainy, snow days, including the one where this photo was taken. Is it a rain jacket? No. But it gets the job done for gross winter weather.

Do I have you sold? Well, lucky for you, the Columbia Heavenly Jacket is only $90.


best everyday jacket winter - columbia heavenly jacket review


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