My Winter Wedding Perfume: Winter Woods, Burren Perfumery

Since a chill is starting to settle into the evening air, I figured this could be a good time to write a post that been sitting in ideas list for far too long: talking about my winter wedding perfume. I believe I mentioned it briefly in this post but it really needs some dedicated time.

I can’t exactly recall where I originally got the idea for a wedding perfume. I know years ago I’d read somewhere the idea of buying a new perfume for big trips so the scent will always take you back. Perhaps I carried that idea over to a wedding. Maybe I’d read about it specifically. I can’t remember. Point being, as someone who absolutely loves fragrance, I knew I wanted a perfume that would become my winter wedding scent.

How I Chose My Winter Wedding Perfume

So, how’d I settle on my winter wedding perfume? Regardless of season, I’ve always been drawn to fragrances that are woodsy, warm, and, on occasion, lean a bit masculine.

I discovered Winter Woods during our trip to Ireland. A friend had recommended a stop at The Burren Perfumery. It’s a magical hidden gem that’s located within the harsh, incredible landscape of the Burren. You’re driving past these craggy rocks and cracked limestone as far as the eye can see. And, then, you come up on this charming cottage with a darling shop and products that are organic and inspired by the nature that surrounds them. If you ever find yourself in the Burren, you must make time to visit.

While there, I tried the Winter Woods perfume  fragrance fell in love. It’s woodsy, as the name might suggest, and subtly masculine yet soft. They describe it on the website as, “Winter Woods opens with the freshness of Rosemary, Bergamot and Lemon, leads into subtle notes of Iris and Lavender and develops as a woody blend of Cedar, Pine and Vetiver.

Needless to say, I picked up a bottle, used it for the rest of our trip and then, upon returning home, promptly decided to put it away until our wedding. Of course, spring had already set in at home, so it wasn’t a big ask to restrain myself for 8 months.

Now, Winter Woods has two memories associated with it: back to my first mention of a perfume for a big trip and also that of our wedding. And isn’t that a lovely way to remember those occasions on a daily basis throughout the fall and winter?


winter wedding perfume - burren perfumery - burren perfumery winter woods


Photo by Lauren Louise Collective


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