Best Princess Diana Coffee Table Book: Dressing Diana

Since everybody seems to be binge watching the new season of The Crown this week, I thought it might be a good idea to share the best Princess Diana coffee table book that I’ve found.

It’s worth noting that I’m a big believer in only buying coffee table books that really speak to me and my interests. I don’t need to collect whatever book is adorning every influencer’s book shelf at this very moment. So, sometimes, as is the case with this book, my picks aren’t always new releases (to say the least).

Best Princess Diana Coffee Table Book

I love a biography on occasion but what I was looking for here was a deep dive into Diana’s style. I wanted something with gorgeous color photos of both her formal and casual looks. Shots of details. Maybe a bit of context and history around her stylistic choices.

That’s exactly what I found in Dressing Diana. This book, published in 1998, chronicles Diana’s style evolution from a charming, old-fashioned teen to the all-out glamour that defined her post-Charles thirties. It provides just enough storytelling and context for those who won’t recognize every look and it looks sophisticated sitting on a coffee table, ready to be leafed through.

Pro tip: apologies if this offends any dust cover lovers, but this book is SO chic without its dust cover. It’s a deep red with gold, stately typeface on the spine. It just reeks of royal.


best princess diana coffee table book - dressing diana review


Other Royal Books

Of course, Elizabeth Holmes’ book, HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style, is at the top of my must-have royals book. However, here are a few others that look intriguing (including the new Finding Freedom book on Harry and Meghan!).


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